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Combat Airlifter of the Week
  • Combat Airlifter of the Week: Senior Airman Jonathan Hefley

    Rank/Name: Senior Airman Jonathan Hefley       Unit: 913th Aerospace Medical Squadron             Position/Duty Title:  Aerospace Medical Service Technician Hometown:  Mount Judea, Arkansas Time in Service: 2 years Time at Little Rock: 2 years Goals: “My goal is to complete my Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and Biology. After that, I would like
  • Combat Airlifter of the Week: Senior Airman Tyeisha Lewis

    Name and Rank: Senior Airman Tyeisha Lewis Unit: 19th Logistics Readiness Squadron Duty title: Vehicle Fleet Management and Analysis Journeyman Hometown: Augusta, Georgia Time in service: 3 Years and 6 Months Time at Little Rock: 3 Years Goals: Graduate with BA in Child Psychology Hobbies: Reading poetry, hiking, and helping special needs children
  • Combat Airlifter of the Week: Staff Sgt. Tiffany Santiago

    Rank and name: Staff Sgt. Tiffany SantiagoUnit:  19th Medical Operations SquadronPosition: Mental Health Clinic NCO in chargeHometown: Albers, IllinoisTime on Station: 16 Aug., 2016Time in Service: 24 November, 2008Hobbies: Spending time with her kidsGoals: Obtain Masters in Social Work. Core Value: Service Before SelfSantiago puts the Air Force’s
  • Combat Airlifter of the Week: Staff Sgt. Josh Daigle

    Name and Rank: Staff Sgt. Joshua Daigle Unit: 19th Operations Support Squadron Duty title: Tactics Loadmaster Hometown: Cabot, Arkansas Time in service: 5 Years 6 Months Time at Little Rock: 5 Years Goals: Improve C-130J loadmaster tactics and training. Loadmaster Advanced Instructor Course Graduate Hobbies: Camping, hiking, 4-wheeling and hanging
  • Combat Airlifter of the Week: Dr. Jeremy Prichard

    Name: Dr. Jeremy Prichard Unit: 19th Airlift Wing Duty title: Historian Hometown: Wichita, KS Time in service: Prior Army, 4 years enlisted and 16 months civil-service with U.S. Air Force  Time at Little Rock: 16 months Goals: To learn something new everyday, write more and instill an appreciation for the past in others Hobbies: When not acting
  • Combat Airlifter of the Week: Staff Sgt. Mason Creager

    Name and Rank: Staff Sgt. Mason A. Creager Unit: 19th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron Duty title: Electrical and Environmental Craftsman Hometown: Springfield, Ohio Time in service: 11 years Time at Little Rock: 5 years Goals: Complete his Accounting BS degree and his A&P license Hobbies: Metal Fabrication, Building Custom Circuit Boards and Amateur
  • Combat Airlifter of the Week: Senior Airman Dillon Reynolds

    Name and Rank: Senior Airman Dillon Reynolds Unit: 41st Airlift Squadron Duty title: C-130J instructor loadmaster Hometown: Spokane, Washington Time in service: four years and three months Time at Little Rock: three years and nine months Goals: finish Bachelor’s degree and own a home Hobbies: playing basketball, spending time with loved ones and
  • Combat Airlifter of the Week: Senior Airman Jalen Gibbs

    Name and Rank: Senior Airman JalenGibbs          Unit: 19thMedical Support SquadronDuty title: CommanderSupport StaffHometown: Memphis, TennesseeTime in service: 2Years, 5 monthsTime at Little Rock: 2 YearsGoals: Completebachelor’s degree in Healthcare Management before his first enlistment to become an officerHobbies: Fitness,shopping, playing
  • Combat Airlifter of the Week: Tech Sgt. Michael Ford

    Name and Rank: Tech Sgt. Michael Ford Unit: 34th Combat Training Squadron Duty title: Flight chief and loadmaster Hometown: Strasburg, Colorado Time in service: 14 years Time at Little Rock: 8 years Goals: be promoted to Senior Master Sgt. before retirement Hobbies: riding motorcycles Air Force Core Value portrayed: Service Before Self How does
  • Combat Airlifter of the Week: Senior Airman Borden Moody

    Rankand Name: Senior Airman Borden Moody     Unit: 189th Aircraft MaintenanceSquadron  GuardStatus: Technician JobTitle: Sortie Support/ AircraftMechanic Hometown: Cabot, Arkansas Timeon Station: 2 years Timein Service: 6 years 6 monthsFamily: wife Ashley, daughter Paisley and son Chantry Hobbies: Bee keeping Goals: To progress as far as he can

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