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DAF School Liaison Program

Welcome to Little Rock AFB School Liaison Program webpage. This page will provide you information and resource links on many school related topics concerning your child’s Pre-K-12 military connected child education.

The transition for our military youth to a new school is critical to their success; social emotional development is also just as important as academics. The School Liaison role is to ease this transition by offering support prior to leaving your last station, during your time here and a smooth hand off to your next station. This program serves as your advocate for all of your school related needs. Our program has a long standing relationship with the local school districts surrounding the base and a working partnership with Superintendents and Principals to ensure our military families and scholars unique needs are met.  

This website will not only provide local school district information, it will provide Homeschool information and contacts, Charter and Private schools, and popular resources that may be of interest. One of our most important links is to your Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission (MIC3), this is the link you should bookmark. The interstate compact is an agreement within all 50 states that covers issues regarding placement and attendance, graduation, enrollment, sports and extracurricular activities. First and foremost, this compact ensures our military children are not penalized during their school year for the PCS’s their parents make for serving our country. The compact also ensures there is a smooth transition from state to state no matter where you are in the school year. In the resources listed below, you will find quick links for MIC3’s website and PDFs.

The School Liaison's office is located inside the Welcome Center at the Walters Community Support Center, 940 Arnold Drive, Little Rock AFB, AR 72099. For additional updates, resources and school information, follow our Facebook page or use the contact information below.

For additional information questions or concerns, contact:

Terri Williams, School Liaison, Department of the Air Force
Office: 501-987-1941
Cell: 501-951-3102
Email: school.liaison@us.af.mil 

Base Summer and Before and After School Resources

Little Rock AFB is home to a Youth Program for School Age, Kindergarten-12 yrs, and Open Recreation is for youth, 9 yrs-18 yrs. School Age Care provides drop off and pick up at Bobby G Lester Elementary and Open Recreation provides pick up at Jacksonville Lighthouse Charter on base. School Age Care accredited by Council on Accreditation (COA) offers full time weekly child care when schools are closed and during the summer. Open Recreation offers open play, Boys and Girls Clubs of America and 4-H activities.  You will find field trips that are open to the base population on the FSS Facebook page listed in the additional resource links below.

The School Age Care and Open Recreation programs, offer your child the opportunity to participate in the Youth Sponsorship Program in which your child can connect with a youth currently enrolled. The program allows your child to build a connection ahead of time and see a familiar face once they arrive.  

Sponsorship Request Form

To enroll School Age Care, please visit www.militarychildcare.com


Due to the many transitions of the military, families are turning to Homeschooling as an option. If you are interested or you already participate in Homeschooling, below is a link for resources including your “Letter of Intent” for Arkansas.  You will be required to fill out current year forms with your local school district Superintendent’s office on an annual basis. This can be accomplished online each year by setting up an account at the link provided below.

Some local districts offer support to Homeschool scholars and parents.  Check your district for opportunities on available activities.  This is a great asset for you and your child!

Contact for Homeshcooling:

Homeschool Office Program Advisor
Phone:  501-682-1874
Email:  david.nance@ade.arkansas.gov

Arkansas Department of Education Home School

Exceptional Family Member Program

If you are Q-coded as an Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP), please contact our EFMP Coordinator listed below to schedule your appointment. While I can assist with school concerns and issues regarding your child’s IEP and 504 Plan, she will be your primary contact during your transition and while you are assigned to Little Rock AFB.  The EFMP office is here to assist with connecting you with local, state and federal resources, relocation support, early intervention and special education information, Respite Care Program, recreational activities, housing needs, workshops and support meetings.

Contact Information:

EFMP Coordinator                                  
Phone:  501-987-2667

19 MDG
Phone:  501-987-2938

Arkansas Special Education Services

Helpful Websites