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AFOSI Function, Mission, Pillars

We are a federal law enforcement and investigative agency operating throughout the full spectrum of conflict, seamlessly within any domain; conducting criminal investigations and providing counterintelligence services.

To Identify, exploit and neutralize criminal, terrorist and intelligence threats to the Air Force, Department of Defense and U.S. Government.

Cornerstone -- Vigorously solve crime; protect secrets; warn of threats; exploit intelligence opportunities; operate in cyber.

Foundational -- AFOSI is committed to a philosophy of participative leadership in steadfast pursuit of mission success, development of our people and organizational excellence at all levels.

Guiding Pillar 1 -- Build an environment of excellence at all levels, all the time.

Guiding Pillar 2 -- Elevate professional stature of AFOSI in the Department of Defense, United States and International Arenas.

Guiding Pillar 3 -- Be a requirements-driven organization and build capabilities in depth.


AFOSI Capabilities

AFOSI provides five robust capabilities; they are:Gold special agent badge

· Protect critical technologies and information

· Detect and mitigate threats

· Provide global specialized Services

· Conduct major criminal investigations 

· Engage foreign adversaries and threats offensively


Contact AFOSI DET 327 at 501-987-6116 for information on the vacancies at Little Rock AFB.

Special Agent Position Guidelines

Active Duty Officer
Active Duty Enlisted
Reserve Officer/Enlisted


Contact Information

370 Cannon Drive
Little Rock AFB, AR 72099

Office Phone: 501-987-6116
For after hours, or the on-call agent:

Travel Pre-Briefing

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