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Mission Statement

To provide premier customer service to residents while serving as a liaison with the Project Owner, Military Housing Office, and the Installation Commander.


To deliver solutions through effective communication while building an environment of trust relaying the Air Force values privatized housing residents’ service and well-being.

purpose, goals & reporting procedures


The Privatized Housing Resident Council is established as the forum for privatized housing residents to discuss health and safety concerns, identify required improvements, present solutions for problems, and establish positive interaction between residents, wing leadership, the Military Housing Office and Project Owners. Membership is open to all privatized housing residents.


  1. Empowerment for residents to voice concerns which will open conversations for all stakeholders to enhance programs, processes, and procedures resulting in a safe and healthy housing environment.
  2. Networking opportunities between residents.
  3. A created opportunity for the Privatized Housing Resident Advocate to aggressively report issues through proper chains of command for action.

Reporting Requirements:

  1. The Privatized Housing Resident Advocate will hold follow-on meetings with the Military Housing Office and Project Owners to discuss and resolve issues which are addressed during the Resident Council meetings.
  2. All issues discussed at the Resident Council will be presented at the quarterly Installation Management Review Committee for information purposes and/or follow-on actions for unresolved issues.

Contact Information

Resident Advocate Contact Information
Location: Bldg 1240
Phone number: 501-987-1247
Cell phone number: 501-988-6086                                  

Hunt Military Communities (local)
Location: 101 Arkansas Blvd on Little Rock AFB, AR
Maintenance issues call 501-983-9044/9050/9043 (Routine/Non-Emergency-Use Hunt App)

MHO Contact Information
Location: Bldg 538 Annex/101 Arkansas Blvd on Little Rock AFB, AR
Phone number: 501-987-5383/987-6040

Residents council meeting

All Housing Residents are invited!
Date: 18 July
Time: 1200-1300
Lunch Provided

Location: Hunt Welcome Center

Call 501-987-1247 for more information