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Q1. What is Leadership Pathways?

A1. Leadership Pathways is an Air Force program that Air Mobility Command has adopted to help support the Comprehensive Airmen Fitness Strategy. Helping agencies across the installation will offer courses/classes that support or focus on one of the four CAF domains (social, physical, spiritual and mental). Many of the courses offered are ones you've seen before on base wingman days or throughout the year, but now they are part of LP (e.g., Dads 101, Vital 90, Bundles for Babies).

Airmen and their families will now receive LP credit for attending the courses and are recognized at the squadron, group and wing level for their accomplishments. The goal of LP and the integration of CAF-centered courses is to help our Airmen, Air Force civilians and family members become more resilient and better-equipped to deal with the rigors of military life. LP courses will help create and sustain communities at Little Rock AFB that give Airmen and their families a sense of belonging to the Air Force community, in which they live, work and play. The courses will encourage help-seeking in a low-stress, classroom environment, helping reduce the stigma associated with seeking help.

Q2. What classes/courses are being offered?

A2. The most up-to-date course catalog is posted on this webpage. The catalog contains the class descriptions and point of contact for more information on the specific course. If you would like to request a particular course that is not offered, contact the community support coordinator, at (501) 987-1772.

Q3. Where can I find more information on Leadership Pathways?
A3. This webpage will be your primary source for information. You can also contact  the community support coordinator
 at (501) 987-1772.

Q4. How do I sign up for a class?
A4. LP uses the program Appointment Plus (A+) to register for classes. This website does not require a Common Access Card to register/log in. Therefore, Airmen and their families can access the website at their home.
CLICK HERE for instructions on how to register for and use A+. You can visit the A+ link directly or go through the link on this webpage.

Q5. Can I include my LP classes as professional development for my performance reports?
A5. You can include the LP classes as professional development on your performance reports. The weight/strength of impact will be at the discretion of your chain of command.

Q6. What kind of recognition or award do I receive for participating in LP?
A6. The biggest reward that LP will give you is one that may not be tangible. The program and its classes will give you tools to tackle issues or challenges in every facet of your life, helping you become more resilient and better equipped to deal with the rigors of military life.

The recognition process is a three-tiered system: Wingman, Leader, Warrior. At this time, each class is worth 1 credit/point. Participants are awarded the status of Wingman, upon achieving 10 LP credits; Leader, awarded upon achieving 20 LP credits, and Warrior, awarded upon achieving 30 LP credits. Credits earned for each tier are cumulative.

Wingman status: you will receive a certificate from your squadron commander. Leader status: you will receive a certificate from your group commander and your name published in the base newspaper. Warrior status: you will receive a certificate from the wing commander, your name published in the base newspaper, and your name on the Warrior Wall here. Warrior names will also be forward to AMC, and be places on the Warrior Wall of the AMC CAF website. You can also highlight your dedication to CAF, personal resilience and professional development on your performance reports.

The "Wingman, Leader, Warrior" recognition program is designed to incentivize participation but also demonstrate the commitment and support of LP by Little Rock AFB leadership who recognize resilience as a vital part of the lives of our Airmen and their families.

Q7. How do I get my login or password reset for Leadership Pathways (Appointment Plus)?
A7. The "Forgot Login/Password" link does NOT work on the Appointment Plus site. To get your login or password reset, please contact the community support coordinator at (501) 987-1772.

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