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(501) 987-SARC (7272)

Office: 501-987-2685


To create an environment that is conducive to preventing sexual assaults. Respond to all reports of sexual assault incidents providing quality care and support to victims.


To education Team Little Rock personnel, families and community partners, enabling them to identify and eliminate the space where offenders operate.  Continue to provide comprehensive care implementing a coordinated effort with on and off base support agencies, reducing incidents of sexual assault in and around Little Rock AFB.


Provide a full range of prevention, education materials and briefings to support both Active Duty/Civilian DoD personnel and their families.  Ensure active duty victims receive full range of services available to make them ready for worldwide deployments.  Ensure all victims receive needed services and monitor their care and well being.

Sexual Assault Definition

Intentional sexual contact characterized by use of force, threats, intimidations, or abuse of authority or when the victim does not or cannot consent.  The term includes a broad category of sexual offenses consisting of the following specific UCMJ offenses:  rape, sexual assault, aggravated sexual contact, abusive sexual contact, forcible sodomy (forced oral or anal sex), or attempts to commit these acts.

Reporting Options

Regardless of reporting option, victims are eligible for:

  • Mental Health, Chaplain, and SAPR advocacy services
  • Medical treatment
  • Sexual Assault Forensic Exam (SAFE)
  • Victim’s Counsel representation
  • Participation in the CATCH Program

Reporting Retaliation for Adult Sexual Assault Victims

How to get involved

Victim Support Groups
  • For anyone 18 years of age or older who as suffered sexual assault, sexual abuse, or rape as a child or adult
  • Participation does not require you to report the assault and is NOT counseling.
  • Womens’ Group on Mondays at 1630
  • Mens’ Group on Thursdays at 1630
  • Contact SAPR office for more information
Comprehensive Trauma-Informed Yoga Groups
  • Every Tuesday at 1700 – Bldg. 1240
  • Open to men and women suffering any type of trauma
  • Contact SAPR office for more information