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  • Are we giving back to the community?

    My wife and I were reflecting this week on the Abilene Trophy, and the greater Little Rock Air Force Base community winning this prestigious award back in April. We're on our second tour here in central Arkansas, having called Jacksonville home from 1993 to 1998, and we completely understand why the selection group chose to recognize our community
  • Air Force ... a privilege, not a right!

    "What you have chosen to do for your country, by devoting your life to the service of your country, is the greatest contribution any man can make!" ~ John F. KennedyHave you ever stopped and reflected on why someone would join an organization where the ultimate sacrifice could be the giving of one's life? Recent Operation Iraqi Freedom and
  • A Republic If You Can Keep It

    "And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor" --Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776"We hold these truths to be self evident." These words started the Declaration of Independence which began a new experiment
  • AMC Commander: Independence Day - Celebrate smartly

    The Fourth of July is a day for all Americans to celebrate the freedoms that you as Air Mobility Command Airmen help provide. Independence Day carries a simple yet important message of freedom that continues to unite us in a call to service. It's the extraordinary efforts and sacrifices made every day by Airmen, whether active duty, guard, reserves
  • Social networking and operations security: Can they coexist in today's Air Force?

    About a month and a half ago, when the Air Force opened its network to Internet-based capabilities, primarily social networking sites, it also opened a virtual Pandora's box of questions and concerns from Airmen at all levels.Can Airmen use social networking during duty hours on their government computer? What type of information can and can't be
  • What have you done for your country today?

    Sitting in my spare bedroom Tuesday morning, I was looking at a career laid out before my eyes. I saw awards dating back to my days as an Airman and goodbye gifts from many of my bases. I started to reflect on the role models I've had and one name stuck out. Chief Master Sgt. Tim Omdal was the security forces manager at Aviano Air Base, Italy, when
  • Arkansas aviation history

    Arkansas has a long aviation history that goes back much further than you might think. As early as 1872, Arkansan Charles McDermott received a patent for a flying machine. One of McDermott's first creations featured 10 vertically stacked wings and was operated by a single pilot lying in the prone position. He later modified the design for two and
  • Don’t just show up — Dominate

    This past weekend I found myself reflecting on how quickly life can change for all of us. Even as I type this article, the local authorities are trying to locate survivors from the flash flood that devastated our state last weekend. Each day is a precious gift, yet many of us haven't developed a true sense of living our life to the fullest
  • Lorenz on Leadership -- The study of leadership

    Everyone has hobbies. Some people like to work in the yard, while others paint, fish and travel. Hobbies are those things that entertain us when we need an escape, a chance to unwind. For me, I've always found leadership, and its associated principles, to be intriguing - studying leadership is my hobby. I'm drawn to leadership for many reasons.
  • CMSAF enlisted perspective - Building partner nation capacity is critical

    Three hundred seventy senior enlisted leaders from around the world gathered to talk about the issues affecting the Air Force. Among those were representatives from 18 partner nations.There was a two-fold benefit to having our international partners attend. For our partner nations, it reinforced their view that we are here to work with them.