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  • Mission is "Theme No. 1"

    When I reintroduced myself to Team Little Rock, I outlined my five leadership principles that are preeminent in the 314th Airlift Wing's perspective: mission--standards--partnerships--innovation--focus. Today's focus is the mission--one that we as Airmen take personally. We "own" our mission. Let's be frank. That's a nice sound-bite, and easy
  • Mission excellence in all we do

    Integrity, Service Before Self and Excellence are the Air Force core values we live by and cherish.For many units to include our own, the third core value has often translated into a goal of mission excellence. For combat airlifters, mission excellence is often thought of as delivering personnel and supplies anywhere, anytime, every time. This is
  • Happy 63rd Birthday Air Force!

    We mark our Air Force's 63rd birthday on Saturday with a celebration at Hangar 1080. For those young and young at heart, this is an opportunity to celebrate our heritage, honor, and valor since our birth on Sept. 18, 1947.It's also a time to reflect on those who've come before us, and the accomplishments that ensure our role as the nation's sword
  • How do you serve?

    Last week, Chief Master Sgt. Mark Marson wrote a great editorial in which he discussed integrity and excellence. I will continue in that vein and discuss what I believe Service means; and more specifically, how we can most effectively serve.Several years ago, as I prepared to leave Shaw Air Force Base, S.C., for Dyess Air Force Base, Texas, to take
  • Standards and discipline

    "Be tough! Set your standards high and insist that your people measure up. Have the courage to correct those who fail to do so!" - Retired Gen. Louis Wilson, Pacific Air Forces commanderHave you ever been a part of an organization that earned an "Outstanding" rating from the inspector general? Have you ever been assigned to an organization that was
  • From the AMC commander: a message to Mobility Airmen

    As we look toward the Labor Day holiday and the end of the active summer months, I want to take a moment and tell you how very proud I am of the work you are doing here at home and around the world.Each of you is making a difference in our world every day. Whether you're supporting the mission from your home station or you're deployed to a forward
  • Another new chief in our Air Force

    By the time this article's printed, I'll have had the honor of officiating at a chief master sergeant promotion ceremony for a widely respected senior NCO, one that so many of us said was "sure to be a chief" as we worked with him over the last oh-so-many years. Like other Airmen who achieve this coveted rank, he was inspiring to work with -
  • Leslie Lorenz on Leadership -- Spouse Wingmen

    I recently met two young military wives. I was so happy to meet these bright, young, eager, new spouses as they and their husbands begin an exciting career in our wonderful Air Force. Randolph AFB is the first assignment for one of the couples. They are originally from the northeast and come from families with virtually no military connection.
  • Do you have character?

    As a young boy, I was given chores around the house to accomplish. One of those chores was washing the nightly dinner dishes by hand. We had a perfectly good dishwasher so it's understandable that at 10 I would find this chore a complete waste of time. On one particular night, in a fit of righteous indignation, I complained about how unfair this
  • Coming home

    No, I'm not from Arkansas. I wasn't born here, and I am not a state resident. But that doesn't change the fact that my wife, Susan, daughter Madison and I feel like we're home again at Little Rock Air Force Base. Like every other Herk driver in our Air Force, I completed several aircrew qualification courses here. I'm an Air Force Weapons School