Don’t just show up — Dominate

Chief Master Sgt. Anthony Brinkley, 19th Airlift Wing command chief

Chief Master Sgt. Anthony Brinkley, 19th Airlift Wing command chief

LITTLE ROCK AIR FORCE BASE, Ark. -- This past weekend I found myself reflecting on how quickly life can change for all of us. Even as I type this article, the local authorities are trying to locate survivors from the flash flood that devastated our state last weekend. Each day is a precious gift, yet many of us haven't developed a true sense of living our life to the fullest extent.

All too often people simply show up to their job, home or other pursuits wanting to be spoon-fed everything they get. I submit to you if you show up will low expectations and minimal effort you will end up leading a mediocre existence. So today I want you to ask yourself are aggressively running with your talents or are you just showing up to the race?

I have a good friend who has lost the ability to use his legs; however, his impact on his community and friends would literally run circles around those with functioning legs. You see it's all about having the attitude of utilizing each drop of talent that flows through our veins. One of the worst sights to see is unfulfilled potential and I'm optimistic you won't be counted in that category. So be the one who daily demonstrates how living up to your abilities will cause you to dominate your environment.

You dominate by having a great attitude and approach the dawn of a new day knowing that you will make a difference in the lives of others. Also, you connect great energy to your attitude and everything you touch will be better. You are now changing the world versus letting the world change you. As we've said before, life isn't a dry run, so be the one who blazes new trails while growing personally. Remember, anyone can show up, but it's you who will now dominate everything you touch and we'll all be better for your efforts.

Combat Airlift!