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  • Embracing change a must

    When it comes to long-term success, the only constant thing in life is change. Whether it's organizational or personal, continuous improvement is a paradigm shift that doesn't come easily to some people. In fact, our natural tendency is to resist change due to a fear of the unknown. Therefore, it's incumbent on leaders at every level to proactively
  • Lorenz on Leadership -- Motivation

    These are challenging times for our Air Force. We have been engaged in combat operations since 1990 and are balancing limited resources against an aggressive operations tempo. We are once again adjusting to maintain our authorized end strength while juggling priorities within a leveling budget. Many of our aircraft are beyond expected service lives
  • AETC commander selected for Order of the Sword

    Air Education and Training Command enlisted members recently selected Commander Gen. Stephen R. Lorenz for induction into the Order of the Sword. The Order of the Sword is the highest honor and tribute NCOs can bestow upon an individual.General Lorenz is set to accept the honor in a formal ceremony in Lackland Air Force Base's Gateway Club July 16.
  • Going above and beyond

    Black Knights, you rocked the house during our Air Mobility Command Unit Compliance Inspection and Logistics Compliance Assessment Program, and your actions were nothing less than marvelous.In a time in our Air Force where "Satisfactory" is the standard, you went above and beyond to earn an overall "Excellent" rating in the UCI and three
  • Training for victory

    For they had learned that true safety was to be found in long previous training, and not in eloquent exhortations uttered when they were going into action.-- Thucydides, The History of the Peloponnesian War, circa 404 BCThe premise that training is essential for success in battle is universally accepted, especially in the specialized application of
  • Arming yourself for the social media cyber war

    Coming to a workstation computer screen near you in the very near future is the ability for Airmen to engage in social networking, but with that new capability, Airmen also accept an awesome amount of responsibility.While there has been a lot of discussion about network security and preserving that "weapon system," what we can't get lost on is that
  • First Command: AETC first to influence Airmen

    To the men and women of the First Command, I leave Air Education and Training Command after spending the past 20 months honored to be your vice commander. Boy, have you taught me a lot! Thank You. Thank you for your tremendous devotion, service and professionalism. We call ourselves the First Command because of what you do every day. Recruiters
  • Are your bags packed?

    About 10 years ago, a group commander of mine liked to ask the question: "Are your bags packed?" He was speaking, of course, about readiness to deploy. The bags he referred to weren't the A, B, C, D or E bags you might be thinking of - rather they are all the "things" we as Airmen need to do in preparation for a deployment - training, immunizations
  • UCI and LCAP: It's game time!

    Black Knights, it's game time and we are playoff and Super Bowl ready! The inspection team from Air Mobility Command begins arriving this weekend to give us a Unit Compliance Inspection and Logistics Compliance Assessment Program.You've spent months scouring checklists and reviewing processes, tightening up an already well-run wing capable of
  • Take time to make time

    My grandfather passed away last year and this loss made me question my priorities. I was blessed to see him before he died, but I missed a tremendous opportunity when the entire family gathered earlier that summer to celebrate my grandparents' 65th wedding anniversary. I was too busy to attend with an upcoming move and work priorities. I thought I