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  • AMC Airmen are outstanding

    Please join me in congratulating our Air Mobility Command Outstanding Airmen of the Year and First Sergeant of the Year. These Airmen have done an incredible job serving our nation, and I'm inspired by their selfless, behind the scenes efforts that support our mission on a daily basis. It takes a great personal commitment on their part, and I
  • Fight for your feedback

    Conducting performance feedback is one of the most important aspects of Airmen development but one that is widely neglected. The success of our goal-oriented performance appraisal system is based on setting attainable goals, mentoring, reinforcing positive behaviors, giving immediate and honest feedback, as well as developing an accurate goal-based
  • Airmen’s teamwork generates Combat Airlift

    In February, I had the opportunity to experience the teamwork that goes into mobilizing Combat Airlifters for the fight when I flew a C-130J from Little Rock to Kandahar, Afghanistan, and back as part of a required iron swap.While the crew from the 41st Airlift Squadron I flew with was exceptional, so were all the other Airmen who helped generate
  • Remembering a World War II commander

    Today, the 314th Airlift Wing remembers its World War II commander, Col. Clayton Stiles. On April 9, 1943, 67 years ago today, Colonel Stiles took command of the 314th Troop Carrier Group at Lawson Field, Ga. - he was 35 years old. The 314th TCG's new commander was already a seasoned leader, having served in both infantry and field artillery units
  • Lorenz on Leadership - A dynamic tradition

    Our Air Force has many traditions. Some we inherited from other services; others are more recent and will take time to fully develop. Traditions are positive things, deeply rooted in our heritage and pride. Traditions are things we don't easily give up.One of our traditions, however, isn't often recognized as "positive" and doesn't get the applause
  • 314th AW providing 'modern, relevant' training to Generation Y aviators

    It's not unrealistic for the service life of some C-130E aircraft to push 50 years. An increase in rigorous training demands and smaller budgets Air Force-wide has taxed the lifespan of this aging fleet, dropping 314th Airlift Wing numbers to just over half the number assigned a few years ago. Yet, leaders in the wing know these aircraft still have
  • Where have all the kites gone?

    The other day I was running around our base track and saw a couple of families flying kites together, and a flood of memories came rushing in. During my youth, it was not uncommon to see many people flying kites; this activity allowed people from all walks of life to come together. This was a relatively inexpensive activity, yet the dividends of
  • What is a supervisor?

    In today's Air Force of increased workloads, deployments, personal and professional demands, it's imperative we each have a supervisor we can trust and respect. Are you the type of supervisor your subordinates can go to with their problems?Supervisors at each level are at the very core of our Air Force successes, and sometimes our failures. They
  • Women’s history is our history

    As we recognize Women's History Month throughout March, it's important to celebrate the unique contributions women have and continue to make in our nation and world. I am glad we have observances where we acknowledge the sum parts that make us a collection of diverse Americans. For many years we didn't truly reflect on the contribution of
  • Peace is not the absence of conflict

    In an environment where we are challenged on many levels, how do we maintain peace in our lives? Issues such as armed conflict, financial instability and health concerns can literally bring a person to their knees if not managed correctly. I am a firm believer each one of us can be of assistance to those around us as we face the twist and turns