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  • PMEL: Setting standard for excellence

    The Precision Measurement Evaluation Laboratory calibrates equipment on Little Rock Air Force Base, Ark., to ensure the validity of readings and results of equipment.
  • 19 SFS Airman finished ADM training as first female in 5 years

    The coolness of the metal spread over the left side of her face as she gently laid her cheek on the buttstock of an M24 sniper weapon system. “Send it!” The command was given. She emptied the hot air from her lungs and peered through the sweat dripping from her brow down the rifle’s scope as she slowly squeezed the trigger. BOOM! The only sounds
  • Don't be late for dinner: Normandy family dinner

    Before Hitler, Hirohito and Mussolini combined to form the Axis Powers and sent the world to war, people regularly enjoyed commonalities such as family dinners and playing sports with friends. With the attack on Pearl Harbor, America went to war, quickly transforming their idyllic world into one wrought with conflict. June 6, 1944, D-Day. Men
  • Finding potential mishaps before they happen: NDI Airmen

    Gloved hands pull a vital aircraft component from glowing, toxic pools of chemically-laced liquid designed to reveal otherwise unseen dangers.
  • Four-legged friends lead Airman to stable relationship

    The gate hinges creak as she shuts it behind her. Her boots, frayed from use, create a small dust cloud with every step as she walks toward her favorite part of the day. A smile erupts on her face which is matched with a greeting when Airman 1st Class Samantha Purdy, 19th Security Forces Squadron visitor center clerk, finally sees her horses for
  • Airmen strengthen ‘fit-to-fight’ potential at Fitness Center

    Becoming fit-to-fight doesn’t require running a marathon or scaling a mountain; it does require dedication, time and effort necessary to become a physically capable Airman.
  • Air traffic control: Growing real world skills in simulated environments

    “Little Rock Tower, this is ROCK01, Little Rock Tower, this is ROCK01, Little Rock Tower, this is ROCK01 …”
  • Radiology: Helping Airmen heal hidden hurts

    Without members of the radiology clinic lending a guiding light, doctors would be the ones operating in the dark.
  • More than child care: Providing heart

    Handling six small children in one’s home is not something everyone could manage, but Malissa Kaye has been doing it for nearly 17 years. Not only can she handle it she loves and excels at it. Kaye garnered the 2017 Little Rock Air Force Base Family Child Care Provider of the Year.
  • Thanksgiving’s roots grounded in American Profession of Arms

    This year marks 154 years since President Abraham Lincoln issued a proclamation declaring the third Thursday in November “a day of thanksgiving,” thus establishing the occasion as an official holiday.

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