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  • ISO: Force behind fleet

    To maintain the largest C-130 fleet in the world at Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas, Airmen go above, under, around and through aircraft to ensure they are safe and prepared to conduct combat airlift—anywhere, anytime.
  • Ammo: Bringing brass, fire, force to battlefield

    Working under stressful and dangerous conditions, ammo Airmen from the 19th Maintenance Squadron munitions flight tirelessly produce and store munitions in support of units across the nation and maintain the largest munitions storage area in Air Mobility Command at Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas.
  • Top chef Airman chops into unique opportunity

    Flames leap skyward and sizzle near the man crouched beside them. The flames illuminate eyes weathered by a distinguished yet unfinished Air Force career.
  • Being a Suicide Prevention Instructor

    I’m sometimes known as the “Green Dot Lady,” but my real name is TSgt Ashley Shippee and I have been teaching Suicide Prevention for the past three years. During that time, I have instructed 58 classes and about 1,700 students here at Little Rock Air Force Base. Over the years, I have learned that teaching suicide prevention is challenging in
  • Airmen, families destress with Brazilian jiujitsu

    As students bow to the instructor, all stresses from the day fade away as Airmen and civilians from Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas, channel their troubles into gentle but deliberate movements of precision as they begin a Brazilian Jjujitsu class. Brazilian jiujitsu, or BJJ, is a submission-based martial art focused on groundwork and
  • Loadmasters: Aerial excellence through continuous training

    Hopping from an undisclosed location in Afghanistan to multiple bases in the U.S., while carrying thousands of pounds of cargo in a few months, loadmasters ensure the safety and integrity of everything from packages to people aboard their aircraft.
  • Air Force Reserve family helps Airman go active duty

    With 850 miles in the rearview, a 22 year old pulled up to Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas, with a mixture of nerves and excitement as he focused on the road before him. Once greeted by a smiling Airman, he knew this moment marked the start of a journey he had been seeking for the past year.This was his first active-duty location, but wasn't
  • Cascadia contingencies incorporate joint training

    Cascadia. It’s a subduction zone along the western coast of the United States set to cause an earthquake every few hundred years capable of devastating much of the western seaboard in a matter of minutes.
  • PMEL: Setting standard for excellence

    The Precision Measurement Evaluation Laboratory calibrates equipment on Little Rock Air Force Base, Ark., to ensure the validity of readings and results of equipment.
  • 19 SFS Airman finished ADM training as first female in 5 years

    The coolness of the metal spread over the left side of her face as she gently laid her cheek on the buttstock of an M24 sniper weapon system. “Send it!” The command was given. She emptied the hot air from her lungs and peered through the sweat dripping from her brow down the rifle’s scope as she slowly squeezed the trigger. BOOM! The only sounds

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