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  • Dueling duo teaches TLR Airmen resilience through martial arts

    “Imagine running around in a storm, not knowing what to door what’s going on,” said Staff Sgt. Peter Beyer, 19th Civil Engineer Squadronfirefighter. “For some people, that’s what starting Brazilian Jiu Jitsutraining might feel like, but if you trust in your instructors and your peers,you’ll soon learn how to take cover from the storm.”Brazilian Jiu
  • Forging fleet of tomorrow at 2,000 degrees

    A bright white light flashes from a closed-off room as anAirman torches a piece of metal at more than 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature of the room is surprisingly cool as the firemolds the metal’s imperfections away.The smell of burning iron fades as the Airman removes hismask, revealing a look of accomplishment and satisfaction that the
  • LOX and loaded: Airmen supply fresh air to fleet

    Breathing is often taken for granted on the ground but foraircrews performing high altitude air drops, it’s vital as air pressuredecreases, leaving them in a potential life or death situation.Thanks to the 19th Logistics Readiness Squadron fuel cryogenicsAirmen, pilots and aircrew can breathe easier as they provide global CombatAirlift.As part of
  • 2 female first sergeants continue progression of women in military

    Since the early 1900s, women have fought for increased opportunitiesand have contributed to a more diverse and talented U.S. Air Force.Women’s History Month celebrates the progress andcontributions made by those women, who paved the way for new generations offemales in the military. U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Jill Tanner, 314th Aircraft
  • Whether rain or shine, 19th OSS Weather Flight forecasts mission success

    Dark clouds hover over the 19th Airlift Wing Base Operationsbuilding as if signaling the imminent arrival of bad weather. A storm system highlighted with bright green, red and yellowlight up a radar monitor conveying an ominous message for the 19th OperationsSupport Squadron Weather Flight. Airmen work around the clock to collect and analyze the
  • 19 CES “Dirt Boyz” repair Little Rock AFB roads

    Smoke rises from freshly placed asphalt on a newly pavedroad. A large construction vehicle cloaked in black soot sits at the end of theroad signifying the job is almost done. The air is dominated by the smell ofhot tar as Airmen from the 19th Civil Engineer Squadron pavement andconstruction equipment shop work to spread the asphalt evenly. Better
  • Career change helps Airman find niche

    The idea of going from knowing nothing about basic vehicle maintenance to working on a large aircraft might be daunting. For one Airman in particular, this concept was extremely appealing because it tapped into her natural curiosity of how things worked. “I wanted to build things and it seemed really cool that I could build things that flew in
  • Airmen conduct preventative MXS on C-130J fleet

    Chemical tanks, conveyer belts and intricate machines linethe walls of the 19th Maintenance Squadron nondestructive inspections shop. The lights are turned off as one ultraviolet light shines anew spectrum of colors to an NDI technician. Shades of purple, blue and neon-green light up the dark as theAirman searches for what the naked eye can’t see. 
  • Vehicle operations keeps mission in gear

    Scattered among the hundreds of vehicles traveling on base daily is a unique fleet of transportation workhorses, maintained by a team of 19th Logistics Readiness Squadron Airmen. The 19th LRS Vehicle Operations shop is comprised of a 25-man team with eight duty sections. The Airmen operate, inspect and maintain a 61-vehicle fleet comprising of
  • Base honors service, sacrifices of retirees

    “Honor to the soldier and sailor everywhere, who bravelybears his country's cause. Honor, also, to the citizen who cares for hisbrother in the field and serves, as he best can, the same cause,” a quote fromPresident Abraham Lincoln.  Today, many veterans have made it their responsibility –long after they have traded in their uniforms for civilian

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