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  • Top 10 ways to dazzle IG: No. 7 Safety

    "Approach duties with a safety-oriented mindset, know when not to press forward on actions because they're unsafe and apply operational risk management techniques to accomplish the mission!" - Maj. Gen. Mark Zamzow, former Air Mobility Command inspector general, TIG Brief Sept.-Oct. 2004Safety is paramount -- NOT! Before the safety conscious give
  • Do you have an exit strategy?

    "Raise your hand if you are getting out of the Air Force." I ask this question every time I address a group of personnel reporting in to the Operations Group. The reaction is typically the same - looks of horror or the "I can't believe he just asked me that" look. Why do I get this reaction? More importantly, why do I ask the question? Let me
  • Be Air Force green

    For the longest time, I was convinced global warming was an issue created and sustained by tree huggers with nothing better to do than make unwanted noise and use guilt to manipulate our society. I still haven't completely shelved that line of thinking, but I think it's irresponsible to overlook the benefits of being environmentally aware. Plus, I
  • February busy for Team Little Rock

    Wow! What a great way to start the month of February. On Feb. 1, we had the distinct pleasure of escorting Maj. Gen. Irving Halter, Jr., 19th Air Force commander, and his wife, Judy, to Little Rock Air Force Base's 2007 annual awards ceremony. Twelve annual award winners from across the base -- Airmen, officers and civilians - the best-of-the-best
  • Top 10 ways to dazzle IG: No. 6 Appearance

    "Look people in the eye, pop that sharp salute, and exceed those standards for uniform, boots and hair! "--Maj. Gen. Mark Zamzow, TIG Brief, Sept.-Oct. 2004 Appearance. Appearances do matter. Part of the pride and tradition of the military service is the fact that we strive to be the best dressed and best looking members of society. Our military
  • Celebrating our 'Rock Stars'

    Today, through our annual awards ceremony, we celebrate a year of extraordinary achievements and accomplishments at both the individual and unit level. The theme of tonight's 2007 Annual Awards Banquet is "I am an American Airman ... and I will not fail" and it's a terrific testimony to our nominees and their units. It's fitting since we have
  • Team Little Rock at top of our game

    Gen. T. Michael Moseley, Chief of Staff of the Air Force, recently released the Air Force's weapon system road map. This road map is a long-term plan for providing Air Force capabilities well into the 21st century. Gen. Moseley's road map, in short, outlines where future advanced weapon systems could potentially be based in the continental U.S.,
  • Getting off autopilot and back to the grind

    We're in full holiday aftermath mode now. If you're like the majority of us, your brain is trying to realign and refocus on job-related issues while closing out another holiday season. It's the annual January Challenge and part of the natural cycle this time of year. The typical scenario sounds something like this: "It's back to the grind and the
  • Top 10 ways to dazzle the IG: No. 4 Readiness

    "Ensure your personal bags are packed, mobility requirements are current, the paperwork and processes in your work section are in perfect order, and you have trained effectively so you can infallibly perform your duties in peace and war!" - Maj. Gen. Mark Zamzow, Air Education and Training Command, Air Space and Information Operations
  • One team, one fight

    "One Team, One Fight" is an often-used term, used to either describe cooperation between armed services or the integration of Guard, Reserve and active forces into our nation's defense. "One Team, One Fight" takes on a totally new meaning at the 314th Medical Group. It integrates a force of less than 200 active-duty members, another 50 government