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  • My goal for you

    Congratulations on another phenomenal ROCKEX! Last week, we asked that you work hard to ensure that we were headed in the right direction for April's Operational Readiness Inspection and Team Little Rock delivered! It's been a busy week of events, but at every turn, Airmen from across the Rock stepped up and met the challenges set forth. Each
  • Inspection "SAV"y

    A staff assistance visit is a great way to get a check-up for your shop and help ensure you are on the right track. During a SAV, an outside agency, such as your functional manager from higher headquarters, comes and reviews your programs and processes. The feedback is invaluable for ensuring your shop is good to go. Several units across the base
  • Don’t volunteer for anything!

    Don't volunteer for anything! How many times have you heard that? I remember hearing those words the night before I left for basic training. It was terrible advice then, and it's terrible advice now. I think our would-be advisors are trying to help us and keep us from getting unwanted, dirty jobs but I think the logic is false. In my experience
  • What will your greatest contribution be?

    Recently, the Secretary of the Air Force addressed a series of concerns weighing on Airmen. Toward the end of the session, he was asked what he thinks his greatest contribution to the service has been during his tenure. This got me to thinking... When I retire, what legacy will I leave behind? Will I have made a difference to my base, my Air Force
  • Healthcare is not just your doctor's responsibility

    When was the last time you went to see your primary care manager when you were not sick? If you are like 80 percent of the U.S. population, you only saw your doctor because you were sick and wanted to alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms. Our society has gotten into a paradigm that is more reactive than proactive when it comes to our health. The
  • Families the reason we Rock the mission

    Last week I had the honor of attending the Air Education and Training Command commander's and chief's conference. Events such as these give leaders a chance to hear about issues affecting Airmen throughout AETC and the Air Force. We are able to share ideas on what we're doing right and find new ways to improve our mission processes and quality of
  • Standards ... a slow fade

    Recently the Air Force announced the results of its investigation surrounding the inadvertent loading of nuclear-tipped cruise missiles on B-52s at Minot Air Force Base, N.D. To those of us entrusted to serve our nation and protect our way of life, if the story weren't true, we would find it so unlikely and far-fetched that we would dismiss it as
  • Can you hear me now?

    Can you hear me now? We all love that commercial of the dude with the classic glasses and his cell phone roaming about the country. Unfortunately, we have to remember that the Department of Defense, the Air Force and your insurance agency don't want you to try that in your car! One of the unpublished emphasis areas during our upcoming inspections
  • Are you ready - personally?

    What a great exercise! We demonstrated our team's ability to respond to real-world taskings, prepare to launch hundreds to support the nation's on-going war effort and validated our ability to survive and operate in a hostile environment. Well done! Now ask yourself: Are you ready - personally? Recent events highlighted the need for each person to
  • Share some of your riches

    You are rich! Yes, you are. You may not think so, but let me throw some numbers at you. According to, if your annual income is $15,616.80 per year, you are in the top 12.1 percent of the richest people in the world. Any guess what an E-1 makes per year? Yup ... $15,616.80. Our newest team members are in the top 12.1 percent of

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It's #HercDay! We want to hear how #TLR is spending it. Let us hear from you! Happy Wednesday!
Have you ever wondered how the 19th Medical Group - Little Rock AFB's pharmacy is able to serve nearly 1000 prescriptions per day? Here is a behind-the-scenes look at how the #Airmen working in the pharmacy exemplify installation excellence every day. #LRAFB #Health #Serve
Great to see our C-130Js being noticed for supporting agile combat airlift around the world! #Repost U.S. Department of Defense (DoD): “A fly away security team from the @usarmy 1st Battalion, 153rd Infantry Regiment provides security for a C-130J during a cargo mission in Somalia, supporting the Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa.” #LRAFB #AirForce #Army #joint #mission #support
We have 106 days until the Air and Space Show! Admission is free, so the only thing you have to bring is a high expectation for fun! Mark your calendars, and see you there! #LRAFB #ThunderOvertheRock #AirShow #AirPower
Who's ready to #feelthethunder? This month's #TriviaTuesday is inspried by the upcoming Thunder Over the Rock Air and Space Show! More than 280 million people in all 50 states and 57 countries have seen the Thunderbirds perform. About how many demonstrations do you think the Thunderbirds perform each year? 🤔 ANSWER: No more than 80 a year. Thanks for playing!
#HappyMonday! Did you enjoy Liberty Fest? Share some of your favorite moments from the event! We'd love to see them! (📸 Photo illustration by SSgt McGuffin)
As celebrations are underway, take a moment to remember what #IndependenceDay means to you. Here are some answers from members of #TLR. #Freedom
Happy 4th of July! Please be safe while you enjoy some much deserved time with friends and family this holiday! #Liberty #Freedom #Airmen #Independence
#HappyMonday! Tonight, our very own SSgt Greg Hankins from the 19th Maintenance Squadron will be featured on #DisneyFairyTaleWeddings. Tune in to see he and his wife, Lorina, wed under the magic of Disney!
Congratulations to our newest Airman Leadership School graduates! Check out photos from the event here:
How well can you perform normal operations while carrying approximately 64 extra pounds? LRAFB #Airmen tested this while learning and adapting to mission-oriented protective posture conditions during a deployment-related exercise, ROCK I 18-06, June 18-22.
Every #Airman has a story. It's up to #all of us to listen! Pay attention to the signs of PTSD. "If you are an Airman suffering from PTSD, I want you to know, you are not alone. The United States Air Force is committed to supporting Airmen with invisible wounds by ensuring there are a wide range of treatments available and reducing barriers that might prevent them from seeking out the help they need to cope with and overcome PTSD or similar disorders." - Gen. David L. Goldfein, Chief of Staff of the Air Force
FYI: As PCS season is upon us, here is an opportunity to learn more about your voting rights no matter where you are. See below for information on the week-long event.
Maj. Nathan Rieber, a 61st Airlift Squadron pilot, followed the steps of his grandfather who was a WWII veteran. Rieber was one of many #LRAFB Airmen who traveled to #Normandy, France and helped our allies celebrate 74 years of liberation. Though Rieber and his grandfather are from two different generations, they serve(d) with one mission: #FLY, #FIGHT and #WIN!
Since our previous post about the LGBT educational panel, the date and location has changed. Please see the graphic below for updated changes. Thank you.
"There's no pillow quite as soft as a father's strong shoulders." Happy Father's Day!
Announcement: Durning the week of June 25 - 29, the roads near Arnold Gate will be under construction and the outbound portion of the gate will be closed. This may cause delays in traffic so plan accordingly and coordinate ahead of time to ensure you arrive to your destination safe and on time.
Our #Airmen tell the United States Air Force story, and we are on the lookout for talented Airmen ready to share what they love most about their service!
Announcement: Due to training for LRAFB scheduled for June 18 - 22, there may be reduced customer service capabilities. If you are planning to use any support agency during this time, coordinate ahead to ensure your needs are met. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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