Team Little Rock: Air Force is a 'Diverse City'

LITTLE ROCK AIR FORCE BASE, Ark. -- Maria and I recently attended a TobyMac concert and his band was called Diverse City. Perfectly named, the band represented a diverse collection of gifted male and female musicians of different ages from a variety of different racial, social and economic backgrounds that blended perfectly to produce a heart-pounding uplifting experience. 

Each member of the band was unique and different. Each member contributed equally and significantly. Each member became part of something larger and greater than the sum of the members added together. 

Our Air Force is like the "Diverse City" band. We serve together as unique and different members on our team; each of us contribute individually and significantly to defend our nation. And we do it with an extraordinary balance of people who respect one another regardless of race, color, creed, origin, sex or religious beliefs.
Could we perform our mission with a less diverse group?
Probably, but just imagine how boring it would be if everyone looked and acted like you. 

Today, our diverse force mirrors our diverse nation and embraces the strength and power of diversity. 

As you celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. day Monday take the time to remember the ideals he stood for and celebrate the diverse nation that his ideals enabled.