Top 10 ways to dazzle the IG: No. 4 Readiness

LITTLE ROCK AIR FORCE BASE, Ark. -- "Ensure your personal bags are packed, mobility requirements are current, the paperwork and processes in your work section are in perfect order, and you have trained effectively so you can infallibly perform your duties in peace and war!"
- Maj. Gen. Mark Zamzow,
Air Education and Training Command,
Air Space and Information Operations director 

Readiness. Preparation for what lies ahead is a critical component of performing well in any endeavor. There are many aspects to getting ready and all of them are important to ensure you are poised to execute your mission efficiently and effectively. Certainly, we are all aware of the need to have your bags packed and mobility requirements up to date, but there is more. 

Don't overlook the subtle aspects of readiness. A previous article has already explored the need to have your family affairs ready. 

But what about your office affairs? The rotational nature of the air expeditionary force has created a culture of constant change. The best way to prepare for that change is to take the time and effort to develop strong, lasting and thorough programs. Analyze your processes, training habits and continuity books to verify they are "ready" for your departure. A good continuity book will allow a new person to execute the basics of your job with minimal training or overlap. 

Develop good processes, record those processes and follow those processes! If that becomes your normal pattern, then excelling above the standard will be second nature, and you will be ready for whatever comes!