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  • Little Rock AFB is full of everyday heroes

    It was about 5:30 pm on Oct. 6 when my husband got a call informing him that his daughter's house had just burned to the ground and she and her family lost everything except the clothes on their backs. I heard my husband ask "is everyone alright?" Fortunately, no one was home at the time, but they lost three dogs and two cats in the fire. My
  • Have a great Holiday season

    Members of "The Rock:"As an Air Force family, we have much to be thankful for this year. We've had hundreds of Airmen deploy to the Global War on Terror around the world and returned home safely; the C-130 Center of Excellence has record-breaking graduation rates, and most recently we successfully hosted over 250,000 community members at our 2006
  • Combat command: The mission

    I am writing this article while commanding a squadron of C-130s in Balad, Iraq. Before I deployed I wondered if there was a difference leading folks in combat versus stateside? My experience now tells me no. It still boils down to accomplishing the mission and taking care of your people. The real difference is the focus. While in combat, you are
  • Soaring high in a ‘blast from the past’

    Last week I journeyed back to the World War II era via a Stearman biplane - thanks to the Red Baron Pizza Squadron, a performer in last weekend's Airpower Arkansas Air Show. Hopefully you witnessed their aerial acrobatics and I'm fortunate to say I went up with the four, modern day "barnstormers" on a media flight Thursday. In the weeks prior to