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  • Fitness — just do it!

    We all know the Air Force's Fitness Program is changing soon. It's finally time, once and for all, for all Air Force members to make a lifetime commitment to take their own personal physical fitness seriously. Like mental, spiritual and emotional fitness, it takes time and effort to become physically fit -- indeed, habits, both good and bad, can
  • A simple request

    I recently received a note from a good friend of mine who is deployed and it caused me to put things in better focus. His note referenced having to run many convoys through dangerous territory for the purpose of taking care of his fellow Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines. The request was simple, yet profound. He asked for those inclined to
  • Leading by example

    Organizational success is directly proportional to leadership effectiveness. Many believe it's measured by a leader's ability to actively shape behaviors to achieve specified goals and performance. However, becoming too focused on purposefully changing others can overshadow another indirectly powerful leadership style: leading by example. Those who
  • 700 celebrate the Air Force's 62nd birthday in style

    Happy birthday, Air Force! Today, Sept. 18, marks the 62nd anniversary of the Air Force as a separate service. While we might be the nation's youngest service, ours is a history that's rich and colorful. Our Air Force history includes small phrases with big impact. Names and events like: Billy Mitchell, the Tuskegee Airmen, the Berlin Airlift,
  • Giving respect where respect is due

    As I was traveling this week on a TDY, there was a fellow Airman who was departing for his deployment to the Middle East on the same plane as I was on. The flight attendant made an announcement thanking this young man, as well as others who served in uniform, and the entire plane gave this Airman a round of applause. Today, we will honor our
  • The choices we make

    Have you seen the recent British public service announcement video on YouTube about the teenager texting on a busy highway? It's a graphic, poignant crash reenactment. The driver's critically injured and her two passengers are killed, as are others caught up in the accident. The point? Texting while driving is a poor choice, and her recklessness
  • There are no metrics for “Saves”

    "Virtue is its own reward. There's a pleasure in doing good which sufficiently pays itself." Sir John Vanbrugh. This quote sounds simple enough and won't get much argument from people. However, that isn't much comfort when we have tried to do good and it seems to have had no effect--there are no measurements kept for those whom we help to avoid
  • Air Force birthday is an opportunity to recognize 62 years of success

    On Sept. 18, 1947, our Air Force became a separate branch of the military. Since then our unequalled accomplishments have helped provide a beacon of hope for men, women, and children all over the world. Throughout our command's rich history, we have evolved from Air Transportation Command to Air Mobility Command, which now encompasses airlift, air
  • Be part of the solution

    As I ran at about 5:30 a.m., problem solving became the focus of my thoughts. You see, I didn't realize skunks like to get up early and forage around my normal running route. So, as I faced off with one of those furry creatures, I began to ponder how we deal with problems when we are faced with them. Do we engage the situation or do we change our
  • Make safety priority one this Labor Day weekend

    We as an Air Force have experienced a very tragic week. Five Airmen were lost in a variety of mishaps: two automobile, one motorcycle, one drowning and one light plane crash. We don't know the causes of these mishaps because they are still under investigation. However, we know that one vehicle blew a tire, causing the operator to lose control. Was