One team, one fight

Maj. Constantine Tsoukatos, 19th Component Maintenance Squadron commander

Maj. Constantine Tsoukatos, 19th Component Maintenance Squadron commander

LITTLE ROCK AIR FORCE BASE, Ark. -- You've all heard the battle cry at a commander's call or after a wing staff meeting: "Team Little Rock -- Combat Airlift!" But have you ever really thought about what it means?

Well I have, as I had the opportunity to transition from Air Education and Training Command to Air Mobility Command and be part of two great teams, supporting the same mission of generating combat airlift.

I've had the privilege of working with outstanding, professional Airmen in AETC. I've truly enjoyed my time in the 314th Airlift Wing, and I've learned a lot during that time. I am thankful to so many people who have taught me a great deal, and I will use the knowledge and experience in the 19th Airlift Wing as we continue to execute our nation's peacetime and wartime objectives.

I ask each of you to take a step back and really think about how your duties play into the overall mission of this base.

Regardless of your job, every Airman's role is crucial. It may not be readily apparent to some, but it takes everyone doing their best to ensure Team Little Rock is successful.

Some have heard people talk about the "tip of the spear" and that the closer you are to the tip, the more important you are.

This simply isn't true.

We can have the best aircrews flying the best maintained C-130s, but without the logistics "train" and support group agencies providing their best efforts, airpower doesn't happen. Or, to use the spear analogy, the spear head is useless and won't fly without the shaft driving it.

So whatever your job is, in whatever wing, group or squadron you are assigned, realize what you do matters, and it matters much more when you perform with excellence. This base and our nation depends on it.

So the next time we cheer "Team Little Rock--Combat Airlift!" take pride in knowing how your role helps execute that mission, and use it to re-affirm your commitment to "Excellence in All We Do."