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  • Success is uncommon

    One makes thousands of decisions every day. Whether to get out of bed in the morning, to stop at the next stop sign, to do physical fitness training today, to uphold the Air Force's core values today and many more. It sounds easy right? Well that isn't always the case. The decisions an individual makes every day can have a profound effect. They can
  • Consider the consequences before you act

    Every day, we make thousands of decisions, most with very little conscious thought. If I asked you if you wanted to go to lunch today, you'd probably decide and answer immediately. We give other decisions, like buying a new vehicle or home, a great deal of careful deliberation. Unless it's obviously of great magnitude, how often do you stop and
  • Is the baby ugly or pretty?

    There's something many people have trouble doing, and that's giving honest and candid feedback. Sometimes we get frustrated with people because they aren't doing as well as we think they need to; yet often times we haven't given them sound feedback. I'm sure some of are sitting there saying, "I always give useful and timely feedback." Okay then
  • Keeping each other honest

    Have you ever led a group activity when someone questioned a decision? How did you react? Did you objectively analyze the input and discuss before committing to action, or did you have a different reaction? I was seven years old when I learned the basics of swimming the wrong way - by nearly drowning. On a typical summer day my brother and his
  • The "264 days of other"

    Congratulations, you've made it through the "101 Critical Days of Summer" without incident. But now what? Many self-help groups take things "one day at a time," they use time frames to help break down ideas, like safety, into something more manageable. The "264 Days of Other" have just begun and will continue until summer starts again. If we borrow
  • Leaving "The Rock" better than we found it

    In my 25 years of active-duty service to our nation, I've had the privilege to serve alongside some of our most influential Airmen and leaders. I've had the opportunity to experience Air Force missions throughout the continental United States as well as several continents and countries. What I have come to realize is one very important
  • We're in it to win It!

    By now, we're all aware that "the Rock" is one of Air Mobility Command's top contenders for the Commander-in-Chief's Installation Excellence Award. Sunday, we will welcome the IEA review board. This five-member team will spend one day with us, seeing first-hand all the ways Team Little Rock truly excels. As a team the 314th Airlift Wing, 189th
  • Training: the Field of Friendly Strife

    On the fields of friendly strife are sown the seeds that on other days and other fields bear the fruits of victory -- Army Gen. Douglas McArthur I had the privilege of leading a contingent from the 314th Airlift Wing to the United States Air Force Academy last week to interact with the cadet squadron we sponsor. Several of our team received
  • It's Your Career, Make It Count

    By the time most of you read this article, Col. Greg Otey and I will be in Colorado Springs, Colo., standing up the 52nd Airlift Squadron, or newest active-duty associate unit. This unit will add to the mission assets assigned to the 19th Airlift Wing. In the not-too-distant future we will stand up two other geographically separated units and
  • Airman first

    A few days ago, we celebrated the 62nd birthday of our Air Force. A conversation I heard on the morning of Sept. 18 brought to mind a story a first sergeant told me she had heard from a chief years before. The chief related the events of a trip he took around the Central Command area of responsibility with the general for whom he worked during