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  • Here comes the boom

    While Little Rock Air Force Base sits on a majority of the old Arkansas Ordnance Plant , only about 40 Airmen on base today can say their current job has a direct link to the past, where the plant is said to have built around 85 percent of the fuses and detonators used by the U.S. military during World War II. Situated on a remote parcel of 85
  • From Zero to 60 (actually 18); what I learned in the Basic Rider Course

    Knowing virtually nothing about motorcycles didn't stop me from enrolling in the basic rider course sponsored by the 19 Airlift Wing Safety Office July 13. In fact, taking novice riders and teaching them the rules of the road is essentially the focus of the program with their crawl, walk and run approach to motorcycle riding. The instructors create
  • Preventing heat injuries

    Third in a three-part series Can someone drink too much water? The answer is "yes." Perhaps you've heard of "water intoxication" incidents with U.S. military recruits and athletes at summer training camps. The military has traditionally focused on the dangers associated with heat illness, which have killed a number of healthy young enlistees.
  • Preventing heat injuries

    Second in a three part series Heat exhaustion is a condition caused by water and electrolyte loss. The primary cause of symptoms is related to the amount of sodium chloride (salt) lost. Symptoms can include excessive thirst, fatigue, exhaustion, nausea, muscle cramps, anxiety, agitation and headache. If treatment is further delayed, a heat stroke
  • Home safety critical in summer months

    While many "think safety" on a long road trip or participating in "high risk" activities, home safety is just as important for the 101 Critical Days of Summer. It encompasses many areas including fire and accident prevention, children's safety and good food-handling practices. Something as simple as cooking a three-alarm chili can turn into a
  • Preventing heat injuries

    First of a three part seriesWhether deployed to Southwest Asia or operating stateside during the summer heat, many of our military operations take place under extremely hot conditions. Because of the insidious nature of heat illnesses, heat injuries frequently result because people often don't recognize the symptoms until it's too late. Our body's
  • Military Life is an Adventure for Kids

    The military provides unique challenges for everyone including military children. Many parents may be concerned about how military life will affect their children in the long run. A little help from base organizations, other parents and the right "spin" can make events such as deployments and relocations work out, and maybe even be exciting. One
  • Don’t tune out safety message

    Running or jogging can be a good way to keep in shape and improve your scores on your physical fitness test, but if you don't follow the rules it can also be dangerous. The "Rules of the Road" are found in the Little Rock supplement to AFI 31-204, Air Force Motor Vehicle Traffic Supervision. These rules are:  All joggers will wear a reflective
  • Preventing the Next Suicide

    In January of 2009, the number of Army deaths from suicide outpaced the number of soldiers killed by al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and Iraq combined. The Air Force has also seen an increase in suicides from the previous year. Little Rock AFB has had an increase in suicide-related behaviors since the beginning of the year. Life difficulties or emotional
  • Fireworks on the Fourth

    Ahh ... the wonders of this time of the year! The kids are out of school, there's lots of family time in the backyard for barbequing and the summer weather is excellent. With the Fourth of July coming up, many people start planning out their celebration weekend, buying steaks, ribs, burgers and brats. And let's not forget about the fireworks! It's

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