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Don’t tune out safety message

  • Published
  • By Jim Yowell
  • 314th Airlift Wing Safety Office
Running or jogging can be a good way to keep in shape and improve your scores on your physical fitness test, but if you don't follow the rules it can also be dangerous. The "Rules of the Road" are found in the Little Rock supplement to AFI 31-204, Air Force Motor Vehicle Traffic Supervision. These rules are: 
  • All joggers will wear a reflective outer garment at night or during periods of reduced visibility. Outer garment will be clearly visible and not covered.
  • All personnel who jog or run on base should follow the same rules of the road as a motorist but must face on-coming traffic. Each person will run single file against traffic and will stay off the roadway, by running or going on the shoulder side of the road.
  • Runners will obey all traffic devices and will not obstruct the flow of traffic.
  • Music players requiring head phones will not be worn while jogging, walking or running on roads without sidewalks. Joggers, walkers and runners who stay on the sidewalks or on exercise paths may wear headphones.
  • People may be cited for obstructing traffic flow or other traffic violations under this regulation. 
In addition, people should avoid jogging, running or walking on roadways with high traffic density and during peak traffic periods. When running in formation or groups, members should use road guards or safety spotters (see AFI 91-207, The US Air Force Traffic Safety Program for more details on this subject).

By following these rules you can reduce your chances of being hit by a vehicle and becoming a statistic.