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  • Celebrate our freedom and be safe this Independence Day

    The 4th of July is a day for all of us to celebrate what we cherish and hold so dear as Americans ... it's been this way for 235 years. What our forefathers fought and worked so hard for you carry on today, magnificently. We are as busy as ever and no matter what's asked, you rise to the challenge ... to answer the call of others so they can
  • Where does airpower come from?

    Every day I see examples of the men and women of the Air Force putting their lives on hold to make our mission happen. This dedication isn't something new - we're part of a military that has done this for decades. But every time I drive by Heritage Park and see the B-47, tail number 0595, I am reminded of a story that shows this dedication by an
  • Avoiding the Epic Fail

    "I saw the signs that he was having problems, sir, but I'm not his rater."One of my squadron commanders heard these words from a fellow squadron member as he counseled a young Airman who found himself in trouble and is now facing severe consequences. Let me be blunt. From my standpoint, this is tantamount to saying, "I saw an Airman in trouble and
  • Achieving greatness through effective decisions

    New commanders traditionally provide their squadrons a road map for organizational success. Most road maps incorporate mission statements and visions to help unit members understand the part they play in the larger team effort. Squadron objectives naturally nestle under group objectives to ensure a consistent approach to wing goals. This is a
  • Holocaust Days of Remembrance: What have we learned?

    This year's Holocaust Remembrance week is May 1 - 8. Each year, this nation commemorates one of the most terrible times in history in hopes that such atrocities will never happen again. While the lessons of the Holocaust continue to shape how humanity acts and behaves in the global community, there is an important lesson learned from the holocaust
  • Are you the wind or the anchor?

    "People can be the wind beneath our wings or the anchor on our boat"- John C. MaxwellI find it funny every time I write an article I remember a bad supervisor or a bad situation that drives the topic. To ensure effective leadership, the Air Force spends a lot of time and money sending Airmen through professional military education to show us how to
  • Straight talk and feedback (formal and informal)

    The old adage "people are your most important asset" is wrong. People are not your most important asset ... the right people are" ~ Jim Collins, Good to Great For me, it all starts with feedback and a leader's ability to spot talent! Too often I am sitting a panel at the Mathies NCOA or some other venue, and the Airmen disclose they haven't
  • An ode to Adam

    Early in the oncoming tide of Airmen moving in and out of Little Rock this summer, our base will lose a veteran C-130 maintainer as the 314th Maintenance Group commander, Col. Adam Dickerson, once again leaves Little Rock and heads off to the Middle East for a year's duty ... again. He's been my friend and less-athletic road-biking partner for
  • Airmen are the keys to success

    Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley spoke recently at the Air Force Association's 27th Annual Air Warfare Symposium about the Air Force's top priorities. He outlined the five priorities that we, as a service, have committed to tackling in the coming years: strengthening the nuclear enterprise; partnering with the joint and coalition team to
  • International training increases at Little Rock

    Little Rock Air Force Base is the home of C-130 combat airlift, and the mission of the 314th Airlift Wing is to train the world's best C-130 and C-21 combat airlifters to fly, fight and win. This mission is achieved by our experienced maintainers, operators and aided by a strong partnership with our contractors and host wing. In fact, the rest of