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  • We’re All Personnelists at Heart

    As Team LittleRock (TLR) welcomes 2018 with ambition, open arms and a fair amount ofuncertainty, it is incumbent upon Commanders to stress the importance ofputting “first things first” and effectively communicating our priorities as webrace for what 2018 has to offer. In the spirit of empowerment andtransparency, as well as in an effort to
  • C-130 aircrews: no strangers to providing assistance on ground

    C-130 aircrews are no strangers to providing assistanceto those on the ground.  Normally thattakes the form of delivering critical supplies to a remote outpost or puttingcombat-rigged airborne troops safely on a drop zone.  However, on a recent 62d Airlift Squadronstudent training mission our formation was able to unexpectedly lend a hand tolocal
  • 75 years strong: 41st Airlift Squadron celebrates historical milestones

                 The 41stAirlift Squadron celebrated its 75 year anniversary in February 2017, invitingall current and former Black Cats and friends to commemorate the occasion.  The 41st AS stems from a long tradition oftactical airlift, which all began in mid-February, 1942, with the creation ofthe 41st Troop Carrier Squadron at Duncan Field, Texas. 
  • #Leadership - deeds, not words, make it happen

    Leadership is necessary. Leadership is crucial. Leadership is vital.Leadership is -insert your favorite adjective here. Leadership, the word, is just worn out. In the Air Force, we hear this word so often it seems to have lost its value - it's watered down.We have overused it so much it has become more of a tagline, or a label, or a cliché rather
  • Why I am a Victim's Advocate

    When I was sophomore through senior in college, I became a peer-tutor mentor, which was a student that helped freshman smoothly transition from high school to their first year of college in any way that was needed.While performing the duties as a mentor, a door was opened for me to have the unique privilege and unexpected chance to become an
  • The diamond experience

    Have you ever sat in your unit wondering, "Who can I talk to about this issue, or how is my unit allowing this to happen?"Ever thought to yourself, "I would never handle an issue that way"?Well, I can recall being that person a time or two. It wasn't until I actually tried to be part of the solution, approached my first sergeant about an issue and
  • AMC commander, chief send well holiday wishes

    As we continue through this holiday season and approach the new year, Ricki and I, along with Chief Kaiser and Debbie, want to share how extremely proud we are of you - our mobility Airmen and the mission you accomplish every day. Thank you for all you do in support of our great nation.Whether you're at home station or deployed to a forward
  • Breast Cancer; More Than a Ribbon

    I'm sure by now most people don't need to be reminded that October is breast cancer awareness month. How could you have missed it? With all the ribbons, "Save the Ta-Tas" T-shirts, bracelets, earrings, shoe laces and other pink doodads it's fairly hard to forget. Don't get me wrong, this is not a soapbox about the big business of breast cancer.
  • A Progressive Melody: Mother & Daughter Scale Highs & Lows of Autism

    As the lengthy summer days, with bright and balmy evenings, start to wane, parents know the difficulties of transitioning children from a typical malleable summer's day to a regimented school schedule. Some parents, however, face special challenges this time of year. Master Sgt. Beth Jungk is a 19th Communications Squadron plans and programs
  • A Day of Service

    In 2009, Congress designated September 11th as a National Day of Service and Remembrance. On this day, I think it is fitting that we remember and honor the innocent lives taken during that vicious attack by renewing our commitment of service to our Nation. As the son of an Air Force NCO, I grew up among people who were proud to serve their country