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  • To the men and women of Air Mobility Command

    I'm truly honored to join the AMC team. It's a privilege to serve with you, the men and women who make our global mobility mission happen each and every day. You are the thread that binds our nation's combat capability as you are the enablers of Unrivaled Global Reach for America ... Always!As your commander, I want to briefly share my leadership
  • There are relatives and then there's family

    In life there are people connected by genetics through birth, such as siblings, cousins or grandparents, and we call them relatives. Then there are people who have no biological connection, yet when you need them they are there for you. I call this group family. You see all relatives may not be family, yet many in our family here at Team Little
  • Thanksgiving Reprise – Those who dare to be free

    Americans are the most generous people on earth, and one aspect of our generosity is recognizing we have much for which to be thankful. Being thankful is part of our national heritage as evidenced by a national holiday, enduring Thanksgiving proclamations such as those given by Abraham Lincoln and by a people who have given of themselves to
  • AMC commander: 'Time to give thanks'

    For more than 230 years our great nation has celebrated Thanksgiving as a time to recognize the many priceless gifts we enjoy as Americans. It's a time to appreciate and celebrate our families and our friends; a time to reflect on how privileged we are to live in such a great land of opportunity. For those of us who are fortunate to be home, this
  • Big project? Lead it right!

    Management without leadership is like a rocking chair. Keeps you going but doesn't get you anywhere. - Anonymous Anyone who's been handed a hot project knows it's an opportunity to shine or crash and burn. Often, it's a chance to make real, lasting changes. Success or failure of a project depends on many things but sound leadership can make the
  • Holiday safety

    Happy Holidays. Whether you're deployed, stationed overseas or living in the U.S., each of you should enjoy the season and celebrate in your own special way. However, we encourage you to celebrate responsibly. The Air Force needs you back at work, but more importantly, your friends and family need you in their lives. As the Air Force observes the
  • Professional development is the foundation

    Every individual's role is vital in supporting the overall mission of our Air Force. I would like to talk about how we develop ourselves to fulfill that role. Quite simply, our professional development is the foundation of what makes us a professional military service and separates us from most other occupations. There are many ways in which we
  • Team Little Rock: Setting the example

    Training the world's best combat airlifters is one of our primary missions here at Team Little Rock. We provide world-class training that makes our base a showcase. But it's not just the training we provide that gives us world-class status. Just as important is the example we all set. We lead by example, and the impact of our example cannot be
  • CJCS sends Military Family Appreciation Week message

    WASHINGTON -- (Note: The Department of Defense's Military Family Appreciation Week is Nov. 21-28, 2009.)As we count our blessings this month, America's Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen and Coast Guardsmen serve day and night around the globe to defend our nation. We're all very proud of them, and yet we should never forget that none of them do it
  • Taking the time to recognize the Year of the Air Force Family

    Air Force Secretary Michael Donley and Gen. Norton Schwartz have designated July 2009 to July 2010 as the Year of the Air Force Family. We're nearly a third of the way through this year of special recognition, and with the holiday season fast approaching, I believe now is a great opportunity to reflect on the importance that each of our family