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  • The Air Force ... It's a family affair

    As Airmen, we're all part of the Air Force family. We've all dedicated ourselves to the service of this great nation, and with that service comes responsibility. To be a good Airman, we must strive to be experts in our career field, a mentor to those around us, a Wingman on and off duty and we must approach every day as an opportunity to make our
  • What does inspiration look like?

    There's not a day that goes by that I don't witness someone on our team that demonstrates exceptional personal and professional attributes. These people aren't even difficult to find, they stand out in a crowd. I also believe that without these truly superior role models that we could not function as well as we do. Are you one who inspires others,
  • Stellar performing Airmen!

    Every Air Force leader faces a similar challenge: how to motivate Airmen. Like Forrest Gump and his box of chocolates, an Air Force leader never knows what type of Airmen their unit is going to get. Everyone loves to be part of a high performing team, but unfortunately every once in a while you'll find yourself assigned with a group of folks that
  • Looking through the eyes of others

    Today, I'd like to give you something to ponder that may help you better communicate and connect with those around you. Often we find ourselves frustrated with others because we primarily focus on what's important to us while not considering the focus of those around us. When you communicate with others, do you listen to refute or do you listen to
  • Chaplains meet spiritual needs of Airmen

    We carry no guns, yet U.S. Air Force chaplains are considered a force multiplier in the war theater. Today in Iraq, Afghanistan and at home, the military expects its chaplains to meet the spiritual needs of today's warfighters. But it also recognizes the Chapel Corps' importance in everything from counseling the hurting, encouraging the dejected
  • An Airman and Air Power vector check

    Air Power has always had its critics who have been unwilling to accept its place alongside land and sea power as equal components of the joint force. Air power's history has been one of dramatic swings in popularity and achievement compared to the constant consequence that comes with centuries of notable land and sea achievement as instruments of
  • Helping out one plane at a time

    Recently I, like many of you, was overcome with emotion due to the immeasurable plight placed upon the people of Haiti after the earthquake. I then connected with a great group of combat airlifters and embarked on a mission to deliver much-needed personnel and equipment to the tropical island. Our crew consisted of Capt. Sean Callahan and 1st Lt.
  • Lorenz on Leadership -- Jessica's legacy

    There are certain times in our lives where a single moment or significant event causes us to pause ... and reflect. These moments can catch us after both happy times and sad - after accomplishments of our own or those of others. Sometimes they catch us off guard, by surprise. More often, though, these moments sit out in front of us ... and we
  • War Stories

    I recently had the privilege of spending some time with some World War II veterans from the 62nd Airlift Squadron. This group of veterans and their family members get together during the first week of December each year to reminisce. Just by being around and listening in as they talked to each other, I picked up little tidbits of history that
  • Defining Moments - Part 2

    The week before the race, we ran 10 miles - a number Sergeant Ball said would be a good test of our readiness at that point in time. It did indeed prove to be a test as most of us came limping toward the end, unsure of what the future would hold for us come race day. "I ran about five miles and I was pooped, thinking there was no way I'd be able to