How to stay alert during road runs

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Grace Nichols

Staying alert is fundamental to preventing possible incidents while running or jogging. Uneven ground, road edges and other hazards add to the danger of traveling near vehicles, such as slipping on loose gravel and potholes.

Many people take to the roads to get exercise and enjoy the weather as it warms up, more so than in the cooler months.

It's important to follow the rules of the road while running on base, according to marathon competitor Senior Airman Aaron Watts, 19th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron Commander Support Staff technician.

"Remembering running safety basics even when you're in the zone is vital," Watts said. "Looking both ways before crossing the street and indicating your turns can help keep you safe."

The base is regularly under improvement, which makes construction sites and their risks common. Avoid low-light areas by taking alternate routes with adequate lighting and runner-friendly zones. Runners should also be on the lookout for animals while using running trails.

Situational awareness and being mindful can reduce the chances of accidents. Runners should be aware of drivers and make drivers aware of them.

"Especially in the morning and afternoon, use the sidewalks and crosswalks as much as possible," said Richard Myers, 19th Airlift Wing Occupational Safety manager. "Runners and joggers should wear bright reflective material so they can be easily spotted by drivers."

By paying attention to the road and surroundings, injuries and accidents are preventable.

For more information about running and jogging safety, call the 19th AW Occupational Safety office at (501) 987-3290.