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  • Department of the Air Force pushes fitness testing to Jan. 1

    To continue minimizing close contact among personnel during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and ensure units and personnel are fully ready to resume, testing has been delayed from October to January, and testing in January will move forward without obtaining waist, height and weight measurements.
  • Staying fit during isolation: 19th FSS fitness pop-up

    The 19th Force Support Squadron Fitness Center hosted a fitness pop-up event for service members and their families at base housing on Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas, May 1, 2020 with an emphasis on physical distancing and health.
  • TLR Airmen take on Alpha Warrior Battle Rig

    Team Little Rock welcomed Alpha Warrior professional athletes to teach a training course and educate U.S. Air Force Physical Training Leaders on how to properly use the Alpha Warrior Battle Rig at Little Rock Air Force Base, March 5-6, 2019.
  • 5 easy steps to improve your PT performance

    Why did I eat that entire bag of chips last night? Should I have run more or something to prepare for this? Am I even going to pass? These are the thoughts of ill prepared Airmen about to take their physical assessment. "As Airmen of the U.S. Air Force, there should never be a time where an able-bodied Airman should not be able to pass a physical
  • How to stay alert during road runs

    Staying alert is fundamental to preventing possible incidents while running or jogging. Uneven ground, road edges and other hazards add to the danger of traveling near vehicles, such as slipping on loose gravel and potholes. Many people take to the roads to get exercise and enjoy the weather as it warms up, more so than in the cooler months. It's
  • Gym revamps 24/7 access system for Airmen

    The Fitness and Sports Center is revamping their 24/7 access system.  The new system will provide chipped access cards for beneficiaries who do not have Common Access Cards. Requirements to sign up for around-the-clock Fitness Access are proof of government ID, specifically a Common Access Card, retiree or dependent ID. Pre-registration is already
  • New fitness area offers safe workouts for injured Airmen

    There are many benefits to working out: increased energy, improved mood and reduced weight. Service members may have difficulties reaping the benefits if they’re on a medical profile or restricted from performing certain exercises due to injury. In an effort to help Airmen remain mission ready, there’s now an adaptive fitness area for injured
  • Implementing supplement safety

    With the demands of a busy lifestyle, there are times when proper nutrition is unintentionally neglected. Service members at times choose to replace poor dietary habits or increase an already healthy lifestyle with supplements. Though supplements are legal, service members should educate themselves on which are and are not approved. “Supplements
  • Taking back their health

    Heather Baxter works as a captain in the 19th ForceSupport Squadron civilian personnel flight through the week and serves as a captainon the weekend in the Air National Guard. She is another person who’s transformedher body and her health with diet and exercise.So Heather, what made you decide to become consistentwith diet and exercise
  • Taking back their health

    (Editor’s note: Chandra Erskine, wife of Chief Master Sgt. Anthony Erksine, former chief enlisted manager for the 19th Mission Support Group, no longer lives at Little Rock Air Force Base, but the lifestyle changes she made while here helps her pursue a healthier future.) We asked Erskine if she would share her fitness and weight loss story with others who might be contemplating making a change or those who may be currently struggling at the gym or with their diet. Here are her thoughts.)