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  • Blue Angel pilot to test MAAS installation

    The first Blue Angel arrived Wednesday to test the installation of a mobile aircraft arresting system installed by 314th Civil Engineer Squadron and 819th RED HORSE Airmen from Malstrom Air Force Base, Mont., last week. The 2 1/2-day installation of the MAAS was certified by Navy Lt. Kevin Davis, Blue Angel #7, as he landed his aircraft and hooked
  • Base to hold first mass formation honoring Veteran's Day

    In line with Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century initiative, base officials have decided to exchange the monthly group-hosted retreat ceremonies with a biannual retreat for Veteran's Day and Memorial Day - the first of which is 3:45-4:15 p.m. Thursday at Heritage Park. Base leadership decided to conduct formal retreat ceremonies in
  • Parents role in prevention of cavities in young children

    Many new parents today may not realize the importance of their child's teeth at an early age. It is true that children will loose their first set of teeth (called primary teeth), but parents often neglect the health of these first teeth, which are very important to a child's future. Primary teeth are actually the building blocks of permanent teeth.
  • Circumstances of damaging government property

    Have you ever wondered what happens to those people who damage, lose or destroy government property? Well, it depends on the circumstances. All property that is lost, damaged or destroyed goes through a Report of Survey procedure for accountability. If it's found that the loss, damage or destruction is a result of gross negligence, willful neglect
  • First three new homes open in base housing

    Airmen and their families got a taste of what life will be like on Little Rock Air Force Base Wednesday when the first three of 107 new homes American Eagle Communities is building here. Brig. Gen. Kip Self, 314th Airlift Wing commander, his wife, Sue and Howard Lazarus, American Eagle director of operations, joined the family of the first
  • Air Guard recapitalization, training on command chief’s mind

    The Air National Guard is committed to the Air Force's goals of winning the war on terror, taking care of Airmen and recapitalizing the Air Force, the Air Guard's top enlisted leader said here in an interview Oct. 21. The biggest difference is the organization is taking a different approach for recapitalization, said Chief Master Sgt. Richard
  • Base teen earns two congressional medals

    Alana Brunke a sophomore at North Pulaski High School, was honored with two Congressional Medals by Congressman Vic Snyder. Alana and her parents, Niki Brunke and retired Tech. Sgt. Alan Brunke, 314th Maintenance Squadron, visited Congressman Snyder's office in Little Rock where the Congressman and his staff alike commented on how rare it was for
  • 189th AW deploys to Camp Warlord for annual training

    War skills and ancillary training were the focus of the 189th Airlift Wing's annual training session June 3-11 as its members prepare for Air Expeditionary Force deployments later this year. About 200 members deployed to Camp Warlord June 3-4 and spent the night in the camp's field conditions, living nearly as they would in a deployed environment.
  • Base C-130J goes Hollywood

    It's their war, our world. The word is out. "Transformers" the movie will be hitting the big screen in the summer of 2007. This projected summer blockbuster, directed by Michael Bay, produced by Steven Spielberg, and starring a list of familiar faces such as Josh Duhamel from "Las Vegas," Michael Clarke Duncan from "The Green Mile," and Bernie Mac
  • A changing enemy: Camp Warlord preps Airmen for real world

    Camp Warlord, Little Rock Air Force Base's combat training facility, has changed its tactics to adapt to an ever-changing enemy. The training allows Airmen to complete all required deployment readiness training and prepares them for the challenges they will face in aerospace expeditionary force deployments. Camp Warlord transports Airmen to a