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  • Don't major in the minor

    One of the greatest attributes I have witnessed from leaders that I admire is their ability to keep the main thing the main thing. We are all challenged daily with multiple concerns that jockey for our attention and action. The key to keeping down stress while leading a productive professional and personal life is how we determine where to place
  • Education - take the time and go for it!

    If you're like me, I was happy to have a bachelor's degree, and was completely satisfied and done with school. How wrong I was. It seemed the Air Force had other plans for me: Air Force Professional Military Education and technical training, which involved Squadron Officer School, Air Command and Staff College and undergraduate navigator training.
  • It's been a great ride

    It's been a total pleasure to serve as a member of Team Little Rock the past two years. Julie, the children and I will certainly miss Central Arkansas and all the great folks here. My going-away lunch and C-130 final flight were both very special, and are memories that will last a lifetime. Thanks to all the behind-the-scenes heroes who made these
  • Our mission is about trust

    As I flew to Colorado Springs, Colo., the other day on my way to witness our base participate in the Air Mobility Command Airlift RODEO 2009 challenge, the concept of trust began to play out in my mind. Col. Greg Otey, 19th Airlift Wing commander, was piloting the aircraft that 35 of us were on and each one of us trusted him with our lives. Our
  • Good mistakes

    Is there such a thing as a good mistake? You bet. For example, in our profession, if you're uncertain about calling the room to attention, call it to attention. If you're uncertain about saluting, salute. If you're uncertain about saying "sir" or "ma'am," say "sir", "ma'am." If the action wasn't required, at least you erred on the side of a good
  • Doing the right thing is a choice

    Every day we wake up, we are faced with many decisions that personally affect us as well as those around us. They range from what we decide to eat or being on time for our obligations, to what type of effort will we put forward during our workday. Yet each of us has the ability to choose to be a positive impact in our environment based on the
  • Don't fear failure

    Some of the people I admire the most are the ones who have the ability to keep moving ahead despite setbacks in their lives. I believe if you live long enough you will see challenges along the way; and if you don't believe me, just keep on living. But my question is: "Do you let your setbacks stop you, or do you keep pressing toward
  • The American Team

    The fifth 314th Airlift Wing goal is to "Represent our Air Force to our community, joint partners and allies," and as we reflect on our nation's 233nd birthday, I'd like to expound on the partnership between the military and our community, the American people. I've stated many times that we all need others to be successful and the strength of our
  • There's no "I" in team

    There is no "I" in team. You may have heard this term used before, but I beg to differ. I say there are "I's" in team. Without two or more "I"ndividuals, you cannot have a team. According to Webster's desk dictionary, team is defined as: "A group of persons joined together in some action or contest." Every team is not always successful as you
  • Get outside and enjoy

    As we approach the Fourth of July weekend we should all feel fortunate to have so many opportunties for fun and exploration in our backyard. Arkansas has 52 state parks; many national parks including Hot Springs, the Buffalo National River, a portion of the Trail of Tears National Historical Trail; numerous nature centers, waterfalls and waterways