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  • Airman Leadership Class 10-1 graduation ceremony

    19th Equipment Maintenance Squadron Senior Airman Matthew Fullerton Senior Airman Zaceri Clark Senior Airman Michael Coryell Senior Airman Benjamin Summers Senior Airman Jason Hanna Senior Airman Earl Laliberte Senior Airman Aaron Lynch Senior Airman Amanda McDaniel 19th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron Senior Airman Louis Bell Senior Airman Justin
  • Commander's Action Line: Bugged by insect bites

    Question: I have recently moved into base housing after living in Cabot for six months. While living in Cabot, I don't think anyone in my family received mosquito or bug bites. However, since moving into base housing, we cannot seem to keep them off of us. I was wondering if this concern is being addressed or if you could tell me what is being done
  • CFC in full swing

    The 2009 Combined Federal Campaign fundraising drive is in full swing at Little Rock Air Force Base. The drive kicked off Oct. 13 and continues through Nov. 20. The campaign's goal is to combine fund raising and donation solicitation into one event, allowing for one large drive rather than multiple, smaller drives throughout the year. Today, the
  • Save environment, money with natural gas energy conservation

    In fiscal year 2009 the base used 224 billion cubic feet of natural gas, costing slightly more than $1 million. The question is, where did it get used? The base uses natural gas to heat air and water. People can pretty well appreciate not freezing in the winter, but sometimes they don't consider the cost of warm air escaping through doors propped
  • Program focus to "take care of our own"

    He's just happy to be working. Six months after separating from the Air Force Grady Ellington is happy to be working and even more grateful the Air Force "is taking care of its own," said the Iraqi war veteran. Mr. Ellington is one of 577 veterans across the Air Force being assisted by the Wounded Warriors program. The program follows Airmen for
  • Iraqi air force assumes control of its C-130 operations

    Iraqi air force officials officially began fully independent C-130 air operations Sept. 29, marking the end of the U.S. C-130 air advisory mission here. A ceremony deactivating the U.S. Air Force's 321st Air Expeditionary Advisory Squadron and marking assumption of C-130 operations, maintenance and training by the Iraqi air force's Squadron 23
  • New era in food service coming to Air Force bases

    The Air Force has been meeting the dining needs of Airmen and their families for more than 60 years through dining facilities, clubs and snack bars. To reflect changing times, a new look and feel is coming to the Air Force dining experience at select bases, including here at Little Rock, mirroring a college "community commons." The Manpower,
  • 2009 National Red Ribbon Campaign for a drug free America

    Little Rock Air Force Base celebrated Red Ribbon Week Oct. 23 - 31. The National Red Ribbon Campaign originated in 1988 as a response to the brutal torture and slaying of Federal Agent Enrique Camarena at the hands of drug traffickers in 1985. The Red Ribbon became the symbol to reduce demand for drugs, just as the yellow ribbon symbolized the safe
  • SECAF, CSAF issue memorandum aimed at stopping private motor vehicle fatalities

    "We are losing far too many Airmen to private motor vehicle mishaps" according to Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley and Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz, in their Oct 8 memorandum to all Air Force personnel. In fiscal 2008, 29 Airmen were killed in motor vehicle mishaps. In fiscal 2009, 47 Airmen have died due to PMV mishaps.

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