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  • Our collective responsibility during COVID-19, the importance of obeying lawful orders

    In America, today, we are amid an unprecedented public health crisis, which is calling upon all of us to come together as a community to combat COVID-19.
  • Physical therapy knows your pain

     Commentary by Maj. Melissa Rose, Physical Therapy FlightCommanderDid you know that October was designated as NationalPhysical Therapy Month? This year, Physical Therapists around the nation areusing their month to raise awareness about the human toll on the opioidepidemic. Since 1999, the amount of opioids prescribed per person inthe US has
  • Great Airmen with great responsibilities

    Many Airmen, enlisted and commissioned, enter the Air Force at young ages. Right out of the gate, new troops are trusted with immense responsibilities. These responsibilities, no matter how large or small they may be, play a role in shaping our Airmen’s work ethic. Their work ethic reflects their loyalty and devotion to the Air Force. Staff Sgt.
  • Commentary: Improving health through nutrition

    For years, I never thought about the food and drinks I put in my body. My breakfast would consist of Dr. Pepper and honey buns. I’ve always been a gym rat running marathons, lifting weight and playing basketballOn the outside I looked fit and healthy but on the inside I was causing serious damage to my body.In November 2011, I went to the doctor
  • Commentary: Through a survivor's eyes

    "Why don't you like sleepovers anymore?" asked a curious girl in my pre-teen dance class.This was a question I was asked frequently, so I gave the response most people wanted to hear, that I don't like being away from home.When I was 16, I offended people when I quickly jerked away and almost bolted out of rooms when they tried to hug me. My
  • To honor with dignity

    Most people take pride in joining the military. I was no different. Somehow during my five years in the U.S. Air Force, I lost my way.I was stuck in a rut, trying to figure out the importance of what I brought to the military. Currently, I work in Public Affairs as a photojournalist for the 19th Airlift Wing. Although my job is rewarding in being
  • Commentary: Mile-marker tribute ensures legacy lives on

    (Editor's Note: This year Arkansas helps 143 Gold Star Families, families who have lost a service member, remember their lost loved ones. The fifth annual Arkansas Run for the Fallen event is a cross-state run of 143 miles where each mile marks a state-native fallen hero and has been identified with an American flag and a biography of each. The
  • Fizzlin' New Year's resolution solutions

    Every New Year brings with it a resolution to better oneself. Below are a few for keeping those New Year's resolutions.1. Commit! Consistency is the key for losing weight and keeping it off. You can start with made up food rules like 30 days of no bread or pasta and add new rules as you're ready for a new challenge.2. Don't drink your calories.
  • Know rules for holiday gift drives

    The holiday season is, for many, also a season of giving.  Organizations around the country use this time to set up food drives, clothing donations or toys for children. As federal employees on a federal installation, service members and civilian employees are subject to Department of Defense regulations concerning fundraisers.  There may be
  • Commitment, pride, discipline: Staples of the profession

    These three words (commitment, pride, discipline) are staples of our military profession, but do we actually understand and live them each day?As Airman, we must exhibit these in every facet of what we do. Without them, there is nothing setting us apart from the rest of society.Commitment. Our society's sense of commitment is waning. Permanence has