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  • Are you ready for the CUI?

    The 314th Airlift Wing just went through a Consolidated Unit Inspection (otherwise known as a CUI) in December 2012. The results were "Excellent" across the board in every unit. That grade just proved to the rest of the world what I already knew...the 314th Airlift Wing has outstanding maintainers and aircrew that produce the world's best aircrew
  • Commentary: The Air Force Will Make You Better...If You Let It

    Why are you reading this article? Why did you pick up this paper and decide to spend your valuable time on this commentary? Just the fact that you read the paper puts you into a separate class of Airmen. According to, only 43 percent of U.S. adults read the newspaper each day and over two-thirds of those are over the age of 55.
  • Editorial Cartoons of Life

    Twenty Five years ago I was a Political Science student at school. I didn't own a computer or a cell phone, the internet was not "invented" yet, and CNN was still in its infancy. For me the news came in a paper at the corner convenience store, and I generally only read the Sunday version to keep up on current events for school. After scanning
  • Commentary: Act like a Superhero

    I was recently picking up a few items at a local retail chain at lunchtime; everywhere I walked, someone wanted to shake my hand or say, "thank you for your service." It made me proud to be wearing the uniform of the U.S. Air Force.While waiting in the checkout lane, I noticed that a little boy shopping with his mom was staring at me from his perch
  • Commentary: Penthouse View

    After 42 years in the trenches, in one fashion or another, I'm in the "Penthouse" or "The Big House", or "On the Hill", or in the "Rabbit Cage", ...whatever your pseudonym is for your leadership's office digs. As the very first civilian deputy ever for the 19th Mission Support Group, I am experiencing the penthouse view. It's for sure a more
  • Decision Making and Your Career

    Can you remember when you had to make a decision and there was a little voice in the back of your head talking to you. Two choices could be made: you listened to that voice or you didn't. Chances are if it was the wrong choice there would be consequences to face. A successful career is due, in part, to making good decisions. Whether it is on or off
  • Commander's Action Line: Submitting ideas for facilities on base

    Question: If someone has an idea or suggestion for a facility on base, how would they go about submitting their idea? Is there a number to call, e-mail address, etc.?Answer: Thank you for your interest in making our base a great place to live, work and play. I appreciate you leaning forward to improve our installation. All facility-related
  • Commander's Action Line: Bugged by insect bites

    Question: I have recently moved into base housing after living in Cabot for six months. While living in Cabot, I don't think anyone in my family received mosquito or bug bites. However, since moving into base housing, we cannot seem to keep them off of us. I was wondering if this concern is being addressed or if you could tell me what is being done
  • Save environment, money with natural gas energy conservation

    In fiscal year 2009 the base used 224 billion cubic feet of natural gas, costing slightly more than $1 million. The question is, where did it get used? The base uses natural gas to heat air and water. People can pretty well appreciate not freezing in the winter, but sometimes they don't consider the cost of warm air escaping through doors propped
  • Team Little Rock welcomes new 314th AW vice commander

    The 314th Airlift Wing is in the business of training world-class C-130 crew members and maintainers, and according to the wing's new vice commander, business is good. Col. Kirk Lear, 314 AW vice commander, said Little Rock Airmen are light years ahead in terms of getting the critical C-130 Combat Airlift mission accomplished. "We are so much

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