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Public Affairs Mission
The purpose of Air Force PA operations is to communicate timely, accurate, and useful information about Air Force activities to DOD, Air Force, and domestic and international audiences. Public Affairs leverages communication capabilities through an integrated approach to advance the Commander’s mission priorities.

Air Force leaders rely on Public Affairs professionals to assist them with delivering their communication efforts to Airmen and their families, to include retirees, civilians and contract employees.

The public affairs office at Little Rock AFB manages several products to accomplish this mission:
-- Little Rock AFB public website
-- Little Rock AFB Facebook
-- Little Rock AFB YouTube
-- Little Rock AFB Flickr
-- Little Rock AFB Instagram
-- Weekly newspaper, the Combat Airlifter

Our products highlight our Airmen and our mission. If you have or know someone who has a story to share, contact our journalism team at (501) 987-6744. We want to hear about it!

Hometown News Release
We are here to tell your story! Whether a promotion, re-enlistment, retirement or any other achievement in your military career, we will share your story with your hometown. Make sure you attach a photo with your release, as most media outlets want to run a photo with your story. To fill out a Joint Hometown News Release, please click the link below.
Complete a Joint Hometown News Release Form

Security and Policy Review (Click title for more information.)
Security and policy review process determines the suitability for public release of information. Department of Defense Directive 5230.09, Clearance of DOD Information for Public Release, requires information relating to the plans, policies, programs, or operations of DOD or the U.S. Government proposed for public release be sent through PA channels to the appropriate clearance level for review.

Whether information is prepared as an official release or a personal enterprise, it must be reviewed and cleared before release.

photo & video support

Photo and Video Support:
Please complete the appropriate sections of the AF Form 833.  Please sign and date, then e-mail soft copies HERE. Hard-copy signed forms can also be dropped off at our office in Suite 160 on the 1st floor of the 19th AW HQs (Bldg 1250). For specific questions about what services meet criteria for support, please contact (501) 987-6744.


The following is the schedule for studio portraits and full-length shots:
Tuesday, head and shoulder photos by appointment only, 8 to 11 a.m.
Wednesday, full length photos by appointment only, 8 to 11 a.m. 
**A photo is categorized as "official" if it meets any of the following requirements: if an individual is required to have one on file by Air Force Instruction; if the photo is for an award (group-level or above), or if the photo is for special duty packages. For special duty packages, please bring a copy of the photo requirements. For more information or to set up an appointment, call  987-6744.

The public affairs office provides walk-ins for official government passports Monday through Thursday, 9-11 a.m.

Community Support

Public Affairs Community Engagement works on behalf of the Little Rock Air Force Base commander to maintain a reputation as a good neighbor as well as a respected, professional organization charged with its part in national security.

The team does this through various programs made available to those outside the gates of the base. These programs enable LRAFB commanders to enhance morale, build community trust and support, and demonstrate that the Air Force is a beneficial community partner and a responsible steward of national resources.

Web Updates

If you are a LRAFB unit or tenant web content manager and would like to have information updated or added to your webpage, please fill out the AF 833, and send it to to have your request fulfilled. 

If you would like to post events to the TLR Bulletin Board, please fill out the AF 833 as well and send it to the above email address.  Please submit request at least two weeks prior to event.

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