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A woman in the Airman Battle Uniform is putting a blouse in to a dumpster. How to properly discard old uniforms, training gear
Due to the upcoming uniform changes and increase in mission oriented protective posture gear training, all Airmen need to be sure they are properly discarding their Airman Battle Uniforms, MOPP gear and all other military uniforms. Whether the uniform is for training or operational purposes, military gear of any sort needs to be discarded in the
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People in uniforms participate in an exercise wearing various equipment and gas masks. ROCK I 18-06 exercise: LRAFB adapts to deployed conditions
Service members from Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas, maintain deployment readiness by learning and adapting to mission-oriented protective posture conditions on a constant basic. Their knowledge was tested during the deployment-related exercise ROCK I 18-06 June 18-22, 2018.The purpose of the exercise ensured Airmen knew proper procedures and
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Three Airmen in Air Force Battle Uniforms grab MOPP gear out of bins. Base-wide exercise: pre-deployment function line marks start
Airmen participate in a base-wide exercise starting with the pre-deployment function line Feb. 21, 2018, at Little Rock Air Force Base, Ark. Throughout the week 10 chalks of approximately 500 Airmen will process through the PDF line, where personnel verify the Airmen have all their medical records accounted for, process them as though they will
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