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  • Little Rock AFB accepts military aircraft in response to Hurricane Irma

    Little Rock Air Force Base is receiving various aircraft and their crews assigned to multiple military installations along the east coast in preparation for Hurricane Irma, Sept. 9, 2017.Personnel from Hurlburt Field, Florida, along with U-28As, CV-22 Ospreys, MC-130H Combat Talon II’s and other aircraft are bedding down here until the potential
  • Combat Airlift takes fight to tiniest foes

    All the planning, supplies and humanitarian effort in CombatAirlift is no good if Airmen providing those supplies are sick and not ready for themicro enemy they are constantly at war with.The 19th Medical Operations Squadron Immunization Clinicensures Team Little Rock is ready for any task – home or abroad – by providingthe correct vaccines to
  • 10 years later: Legacy C-130 replacement is Little Rock workhorse

    A decade ago, the 463rd Airlift Group received its firstcombat-ready C-130J Super Hercules linking Air Mobility Command to a proud51-year legacy of flying the Air Force’s cargo workhorse.Sweeping changes have come to the base since then as the 19thAirlift Wing absorbed the 463rd AG and assumed command in 2008 from the 314thAirlift Wing, changing
  • Preparing today’s maintainers for tomorrow’s C-130 fleet

    C-130 Hercules maintainers worldwide begin their maintenance careers at Little Rock Air Force Base and for select instructors here, they craft those students into professionals supporting rapid global mobility.The 373rd Training Squadron Detachment 4 instructor team provides state-of-the-art aerospace maintenance training to conduct direct

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