• Stitching communities together: LRAFB spouses’ craft masks

    While many people around the world find themselves with more free time due to COVID-19, there are still ample ways to stay connected, come together as a community, and utilize that time to aid one another.Team Little Rock military spouses Amanda Peterson and Caitlyn Bowman are just two of the people

  • Senior leader spouse immersion

    Spouses visited the base and flight line to gain a first-hand understanding of what role their significant other plays in the mission. The immersion also served as a way to expand support networks by connecting spouses with unit personnel.

  • Spouses immersed in Combat Airlift mission

    Key spouses participated in the Senior Leader Spouse Immersion tour recently to familiarize themselves with the Combat Airlift mission and provide them with an overview of base and local resources that support Airmen at Little Rock Air Force Base. “Spouses play such a critical role,” said Sharon

  • Arkansas lowers tax rates, attract military families

    Arkansas state law is set to change, allowing more tax benefits for service members, veterans, and families of both. Arkansas joins 28 states that provide full state tax exemptions to military retirees and family members of fallen service members; 19 others provide partial exemptions. “When you're

  • Focus groups allow military spouses platform for concerns

    Leadership is putting more emphasis on spouses and their contributions to execute the mission. In line with the secretary of the Air Force’s vision to enhance this partnership, Team Little Rock is hosting focus groups to gain insight into spouses’ needs and capabilities. Spouse focus groups are a

  • Spouses key to mission success

    Spouses of service members currently attending Airman Leadership School took their seat at the table May 3, 2018, and their importance to the Air Force mission was reaffirmed by Col. Gerald Donohue, 19th Airlift Wing commander. “The transition from Airman to NCO is a pivotal transition in an