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LITTLE ROCK AIR FORCE BASE, Ark. – Protecting our force remains a top priority. The growing use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), sometimes referred to as drones, has caused concerns for the security of military bases nationwide. That is why the Department of Defense issued very specific, but classified, policies that detail how DoD personnel may counter the unmanned aircraft threat. All UAS activities within the United States must follow FAA regulations and guidelines. UAS activity outside FAA rules and guidelines is considered an unauthorized activity. Please consult the FAA website ( for guidance on proper use. Flying a drone on or near a military base may result in destruction or confiscation of the drone and prosecution, fines, and loss of operator privileges for the operator. The Department of Defense is committed to the safety and security of our personnel, installations, and equipment as well as communities near our DoD installations. We support civilian law enforcement investigations and the prosecution of unauthorized UAS operations over military installations. DoD personnel retain the right of self-defense, particularly against this new type of threat presented by UAS. The safety and security of our personnel and their families is a top priority.