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LITTLE ROCK AIR FORCE BASE, Ark. – A prescribed burn to help reduce the risk of wildfire is scheduled for February 14-17 at Little Rock Air Force Base in Jacksonville, Arkansas. Weather will be closely monitored and, if necessary, alternate dates of the prescribed burn will be February 29 – March 1 or March 14-15. Prescribed burns are excellent, economical management tools to restore forests to their native state. A prescribed burn is a deliberately set and carefully controlled fire that burns low to the ground and consumes dried leaves, small twigs and grass stems, but does not harm larger trees. It also promotes the growth of native plants and adds nutrients to the soil. Under ideal weather conditions much of the smoke from the prescribed burn will rise and not negatively impact neighborhoods outside of the immediate vicinity of the base. However, because exposure to smoke from fires can worsen asthma and other respiratory conditions, we recommend that windows be closed during the burn. Some smoke is expected to reach nearby residential areas. We appreciate the support of our wonderful community as we strive to be responsible neighbors with the maintenance of our land. Questions can be directed to Dana Hardage at 501-987-3681.