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  • Through fire, flames: What it takes to be Little Rock AFB firefighter

    Working 24-hour shifts, donning 50-to 70-pounds of equipmentin seconds and responding to life threatening situations without hesitation is aglimpse into what it takes to be a 19th Civil Engineer Squadron Fire Departmentfirefighter. After completing four months of rigorous technical training,a gratifying career protecting the U.S Air Force community
  • Dueling duo teaches TLR Airmen resilience through martial arts

    “Imagine running around in a storm, not knowing what to door what’s going on,” said Staff Sgt. Peter Beyer, 19th Civil Engineer Squadronfirefighter. “For some people, that’s what starting Brazilian Jiu Jitsutraining might feel like, but if you trust in your instructors and your peers,you’ll soon learn how to take cover from the storm.”Brazilian Jiu

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