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Tips and advice for spring safety

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Jessica Condit
  • 19th Airlift Wing Public Affairs
Spring is in bloom. Along with all the joys of spring come many activities that have been in hibernation all winter. Taking the time to recognize the hazards and safety precautions during spring time activities such as cleaning or traveling will increase your awareness.

Master Sgt. Amber Person, a 19th Airlift Wing ground safety representative, offers advice for people stepping out of their winter caves and into the warmth of the new season.

Spring cleaning is one of the biggest refreshers of the new season, providing an opportunity for people to overcome piles of junk or unused items that have accumulated throughout the fall and winter months. When cleaning out garages and attics, keep in mind the proper safety measures.

"Do not rush when cleaning any area," said Person. "When rushing through anything, people tend to pay less attention to what is going on around them and to the task at hand."

Rushing through a project could also cause a missed step in a process and while it might not be a noticeable problem at the moment, it could cause a potential hazard down the road.

Person also suggested that when using ladders for cleaning high places, ensure the ladder is in good condition and fully opened. Reaching or leaning too far could cause the ladder to fall, potentially resulting in painful consequences.

When planning a trip, Person emphasizes the importance of ensuring your vehicle is in good operating condition.

"Check your tires, fluids, wiper blades, etc.," said Person. "Get plenty of rest the night before your departure and take adequate breaks while driving."

Checking the route of travel before departing, for weather and road conditions and wearing seatbelts is also important to having a safe and enjoyable road trip.

Practicing good risk management is also a major function of a successful spring experience. Many high-risk activities become available in the warmer weather such as road trips and outdoor adventures.

"Think twice before putting yourself at risk for injury," said Person. "No matter what activity you decide to do, make sure you are using the appropriate protective equipment such as helmets for ATV riding or life jackets for water sports."

When participating in these activities, be aware of over-exertion. Person emphasized the importance of warming up and stretching before activities and hydrating to decrease the risk of injuries occurring.

"Wear appropriate sports gear and remember to hydrate," said Person. "If you plan on spending time in the water, designate a responsible adult to watch young children and always swim with a buddy."

With spring safety in mind, the next few months are bound to be enjoyable and relaxing. If a high-risk activity is in your future plans, speak with your unit safety representative in order to complete an AF 4391 and any training necessary to participate in the event.