Be Air Force green

LITTLE ROCK AIR FORCE BASE, Ark. -- For the longest time, I was convinced global warming was an issue created and sustained by tree huggers with nothing better to do than make unwanted noise and use guilt to manipulate our society. 

I still haven't completely shelved that line of thinking, but I think it's irresponsible to overlook the benefits of being environmentally aware. Plus, I don't like paying $3 a gallon for gas. Need some convincing? Here are three reasons: energy savings, limited resources and good stewardship. 

Our Air Force is facing limited resources and we need to conserve our dollars wherever possible. The double jeopardy situation we face is reduced funding coupled with energy prices at record highs. Energy is expensive and the rise in fuel prices, stoked by the laws of supply and demand, will be limited only by our appetite. 

Until we find a source of energy that doesn't have limits, our nation is at the mercy of those who control it. No doubt about it, our national security policy is linked to the oil reserves in the Middle East. 

Saving gas does more than keep money in your pocket, it helps our nation. Finally, I challenge you to look at environmental awareness from a stewardship standpoint.
Stewardship is caring for what you have. As an individual, it's my inherent
obligation to not waste what I have been given, and it's yours too. 

Our country is majestic in its breathtaking beauty and incredible natural resources. Spend a rotation in the desert and you will have a new appreciation for the color green. We're blessed with abundant resources ... I'm not going to hug trees but I will do my part. I challenge you to do the same.