Each one teach one

LITTLE ROCK AIR FORCE BASE, Ark. -- Yesterday, I was talking to my neighbor, Senior Master Sgt. Mark Misewicz, and I was blown away for his concern about his fellow Airmen. While many people focus on their next promotion or things that bring personal accolades, Sergeant Misewicz focuses on developing those behind him. 

I've heard it said that success is no good without a successor. My question to each of you is what kind of shadow are you casting with your life to those around you? Everyday we have the opportunity to influence those around us, whether it's positive or negative. If all of us adopt the attitude of "each one teach one," then our environment changes significantly in a positive way. 

First, we view everyone around us as our teachers or students. What are you learning today, and what attributes are you teaching today? Learning is not looked at as a destination but as a never ending process. Each area of our base should be improving because each member of our team is improving. 

Second, adopting this attitude puts us all on the same playing field. You see when you view everyone as a potential teacher it keeps you from judging people or putting yourself above others. Combat Airlift is all about helping others and reaching out to those around us. We train people from all over the world to operate the C-130, yet we view them as partners because we learn things about their culture and styles of leadership as well. 

Those who work as janitorial custodians have taught me much about humility and kindness. They demonstrate it daily as they enter my office -- seeing their attitudes and professionalism makes my day go better. So I thank Sergeant Misewicz for the reminder that we all have a stake in each other's development and care. Thanks for being great teachers and students! 

Combat Airlift!