Domestic violence affects us all

Chief Master Sgt. Anthony Brinkley, 19th Airlift Wing command chief

Chief Master Sgt. Anthony Brinkley, 19th Airlift Wing Command Chief

LITTLE ROCK AIR FORCE BASE, Ark. -- I bet if I asked each of you, you'd be able to tell me of someone you know who was either a perpetrator or a victim of domestic violence. Yet, many instances of abuse go unnoticed and unreported. If we are going to continue to be a community that takes care of one another, then we must not sweep sensitive issues under the rug, but face them head on. 

Domestic violence does not discriminate. It touches every sector of our society, unfortunately in an adverse way. In many families, domestic violence is that dirty little secret no one talks about. Well, today I want to talk about it, but more than that, I want to encourage each person involved in this dangerous situation to do all you can to seek the assistance needed. 

I've heard it said anger is just a step away from danger. The only difference in the spelling is one letter. So, for those who have issues with anger, do you know what pushes you over the edge? How can people hurt people they say they care for? These questions and many more can be answered if those involved in these situations seek help. 

My hope is this article will cause some rational discussions on how to avoid future issues of physical, mental or emotional abuse. As Americans, we are one family standing on the noble principles and we can never forget the enemy should never be within our homes or community. 

So if you are an abuser, get help. If you are being abused, get help. Whether it's in the community or even on base, we have people who will help you navigate through these challenges. Don't let your anger turn into danger and never forget each day is a new opportunity to move in a positive direction. 

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