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19th CONS participates in Arkansas’ Regional Industry Day

  • Published
  • By Airman First Class Trenton Sikute
  • 19th Contracting Squadron

The 19th Contracting and Civil Engineer Squadrons, participated in the Arkansas Regional Industry Day Forum at Philander Smith College, Little Rock, Arkansas, on December 10th and 11th.

More than 175 representatives from 134 companies attended to learn about future business opportunities, how to conduct business with government sources, and to pitch their services to the Little Rock Air Force Base team and nine other government agencies. From 19th CES, Michael Boyle and Wallace Wilkins represented the technical team with insight into many of the base’s physical requirements. From 19th CONS, with the acquisition perspective, A.J. Brown, Mandy Ashmore, Ricky Rudd, 2nd Lt. David Logue, Senior Airman Derek Sticklin, Airman 1st Class Trenton Sikute, and Maj. Steven Grow all participated.      

“There are a plethora of businesses who would like to work with government agencies,” said Logue, 19th CONS contract manager. “The process can be intimidating, especially to contractors who are new to contracting with the federal government. We were able to help these businesses take the first step to becoming government contractors, from aiding in the registration process to informing them of upcoming opportunities.”

The event gave 19th CONS and 19th CES representatives the unique opportunity to network with industry partners, discuss upcoming business opportunities, and provide training on important contracting topics.

Grow, the 19th CONS commander, delivered remarks to the group, sharing the unique mission sets and large impact LRAFB has on the Arkansas region. He also recounted the story of the Wright Brothers.

“They had a $25,000 incentive contract with the Army Signal Corps in 1908 for a heavier than air flying machine,” Grow said. “They were bicycle shop tinkerers from Dayton, Ohio, who, as a small business enterprise, went on to change the world. The innovative, game-changing ideas that the Air Force still needs will often come from our industry partners.”

Grow closed by saying that he looks forward to writing an Air Force contract with the next Orville and Wilbur Wright.       

In addition to educating potential contractors, industry partners were able to pitch their capabilities to government agencies as market research to LRAFB.

“A crucial element of Team Little Rock’s acquisition success are our partnerships with industry – without them, the symbiotic relationship LRAFB has with commercial businesses could not exist,” Senior Airmen Derek Sticklen explained. “Any chance to learn about what our partners can provide should be seen as a valuable opportunity to enrich our vendor base.”

19th CONS manages an approximately $40 million annual contracting program and a wide range of contracts including opportunities in services, commodities, and construction. Contractors seeking business opportunities may contact A.J. Brown at (501) 987-3836.