Police jurisdiction: where to draw the line

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Jessica Condit
  • 19th Airlift Wing Public Affairs
Driving throughout Little Rock Air Force Base, it is common to see a member of the 19th Security Forces Squadron patrolling the streets, checking identification at the base gates or responding to emergency calls. While security forces patrols all areas of the base and enforces base regulations and laws inside the gate, their jurisdiction does not end there.

Unbeknownst to many members of Team Little Rock, the 19th SFS jurisdiction proceeds far beyond the Vandenberg gate as well as beyond the Arnold Road gate. The jurisdiction extends all the way to the frontage road of Highway 167 outside of the Vandenberg gate and to Highway 107 outside of the Arnold Road gate, taking the installation rules of Little Rock AFB with it.

While security forces has the legal ability to patrol the portion of Vandenberg Boulevard between the traffic light and the front gate, the Jacksonville Police Department are the consistent monitors of the roadway from the light to the end of the boulevard.

"We have a professional understanding with the Jacksonville P.D., which affords them primary responsibility for the roadway," said Staff Sgt. Limuel Beltran, a 19th Security Forces Squadron patrolman. "We are, however, the primary responding agency to the base education center using the Jacksonville Police Department's assistance when required."

Jurisdiction details for security forces are not limited to outside the base gates. The 19th SFS also has specific jurisdiction when dealing with the Little Rock Family Housing. The specific instances throughout the housing community determine whether or not security forces respond and dispatch personnel.

"We have jurisdiction in base housing when the incident involves anyone that falls under the Uniform Code of Military Justice Title 10 USC," said Beltran. "Jacksonville P.D. handles any incident involving civilians where they are the suspect of a crime."

According to Beltran, the jurisdiction for incidents involving military members and civilians applies throughout the installation due to the proprietary jurisdiction on Little Rock AFB.

Little Rock AFB also carries the point system and applies it to members who are pulled over inside the installation throughout the base. The points added to a military member's base driving record vary depending on the citation. If a service member accrues 12 points on their base driving record within a year, he or she will have their base driving privileges revoked for six months.

Any individual pulled over by civilian law enforcement is faced with the point system along with a citation of monetary value.

Through the collaborative efforts of the 19th SFS and Jacksonville P.D., consistent law enforcement is exercised to enforce laws and protect personnel on and off base.

"The relationship between the agencies is strong and gets stronger every day," said Beltran. "The police departments have quick response times and are always willing to provide assistance when requested."

The 19th SFS exercises all measures possible to ensure that Team Little Rock's provided a safe living and working environment. Remember, though, that while you are driving away from the gate and leaving the installation, the 19th SFS remains within their jurisdiction to pull you over for talking on your cell phone, texting or failing to wear your seatbelt. They also have the authority to issue an installation citation.

For more information on police jurisdiction or any other questions for the 19th SFS, call the law enforcement desk at (501) 987-3221.