19th MXG crafts chicken coop for on-base school

  • Published
  • By By Capt. Vania Hudson
  • 19th Maintenance Group

Did you know that the lighthouse charter school on base has chickens?  

The chickens are an educational tool to help teach students valuable life skills about responsibility, sustainability, and where their food comes from as they feed the chickens, clean their coop, and gather their eggs daily.  

The fresh eggs are sold at the local Jacksonville market every weekend and the proceeds go back to the school for crafts and future projects.  

However, the chicken’s living conditions do not reflect the benefits of this program. Each chicken has a small coop, and due to the weather in Arkansas, the wooden houses have dry rotted and decayed from the inside out, which negatively impacts the chicken’s egg production.  

The teacher who came up with this inspiring idea wanted to give the chickens a better home but between school and the farmer's market, this educator did not have enough time to make one and the school didn’t have enough funds to purchase one.  

This is where our Black Knights stepped in to help the children, the community, and the education system. The 19th Maintenance Group quality assurance section has numerous individuals who have chickens on their property, and after hearing the situation of the charter school they were all inclined to help.  

During their weekend, the quality assurance team of professionals used their skills to build something special for the school.  

The team had a budget of $680 and with their ingenuity and technical expertise, they were able to reuse recycled materials, donate tools and supplies among themselves, and construct a large sturdy mobile chicken coop for $550.   

The chicken coop they created typically goes for over $2,000, not including labor or the shipping fee. The QA team created a home for the chickens that is safe, sturdy, and mobile.  

The coop itself has multiple doors and access points for the students to harvest the eggs and clean the coop.  

The weekend project from the 19 MXG QA team will continue to have a positive impact on the students on our base.