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October is energy action month


October marks 2018's Energy Action Month, encouraging individuals to highlight the importance of energy and water conservation for the Air Force and inspire smart energy and water usage.

This year’s theme, Protect the Power, serves as a call to action Airmen and community members to practice energy-efficient habits in their daily lives, and to champion smart energy policies and procedures.

Energy and water play an important role in every aspect of the Air Force mission, and each person plays an important role as a steward of our resources, whether in the workplace, the dormitory, or at home.  Most buildings waste 30 percent of the energy used.  

In fiscal year 2018, Little Rock Air Force Base agencies spent more than $6.9 million on electricity, natural gas, water and sewer. Eighty five percent was for electricity and natural gas, and 15 percent was for water and sewer.

It is possible to reduce energy consumption by 10 percent by the following actions:

  • Maximize daylight. Sunlight is free! Turn off lights when not in use or when natural daylight is sufficient to reduce lighting expenses.

  • Modify the temperature in the work place Base this on the season and business hours to save up to 3 percent per degree the thermostat is raised in the summer and lowered in the winter.

  • Make sure all air vents are clear Remove obstructions of paper, files, and other workplace equipment and supplies.

  • Turn off monitors Save energy by shutting off computers and equipment at the end of the work day and weekends.

  • Use water wisely Turn it off when not in use.

Use this month to begin to Protect the Power by making smart energy and water choices that will enhance readiness and resilience.

For more information, call Larry Whitt, 19th Civil Engineer Squadron energy manager, at (501) 987-3823.