Airmen recognized for exceptional UCI performance

4/27/2010 - LITTLE ROCK AIR FORCE BASE, Ark. -- Unit compliance inspections are conducted to assess areas mandated by law as well as mission areas identified by senior Air Force and major command leaders as critical or important to assess and assure the health and performance of organizations. Unit failure to comply with the established directives in these areas could result in significant legal liabilities, penalties or significant mission impact.

The following individuals were recognized for outstanding individual or team performance during the UCI:

IG coin recipients:
Master Sgt. Eric Bower, Jr., 19th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Master Sgt. Thomas Rising III, 19th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Master Sgt. Krista Stroup, 19th Comptroller Squadron
Master Sgt. Katherine Grabham, 19th Airlift Wing
Staff Sgt. Shannon Cheeks, 19th Communications Squadron
Staff Sgt. Chad Countryman, 19th EMS
Staff Sgt. Shana Van Damme, 19th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Senior Airman Maria Puckett, 19th LRS
Ronald Corl, 19th Civil Engineer Squadron
Kimm Hunt, 19th AW
Rachel Italiano, 19th Contracting Squadron
Richard Myers, 19th AW

Individual recognition:
Master Sgt. Thomas Benfield, 19th Maintenance Group
Master Sgt. Jeremy Doggett, 19th AMXS
Master Sgt. David Gurzynski, 19th EMS
Tech. Sgt. Julie Cusac, 19th CS
Tech. Sgt. Jeffrey Iler, 19th EMS
Tech. Sgt. John Kiser, 19th EMS
Tech. Sgt. Jesse Lemons, 19th Operations Support Squadron
Tech. Sgt. Chynita Morgan-Davis, 19th Force Support Squadron
Tech. Sgt. Donny Poland, 19th AMXS
Tech. Sgt. Christopher Scott, 19th LRS
Staff Sgt. Joshua Beach, 19th Security Forces Squadron
Staff Sgt. William Delgado, 19th OSS
Staff Sgt. Joseph Hickman, 19th Component Maintenance Squadron
Staff Sgt. Christopher Jennings, 19th AMXS
Staff Sgt. Glynn McDaniel, Jr., 19th EMS
Staff Sgt. Scott Patteson, 19th MXG Quality Assurance
Staff Sgt. John Perez, 19th EMS
Staff Sgt. Amy Perry, 19th EMS
Staff Sgt. Alexander Rateliff, 19th EMS
Staff Sgt. Christopher Rhodus, 19th AMXS
Staff Sgt. Kristal Trumble, 19th LRS
Staff Sgt. Myisher Perry, 19th LRS
Senior Airman Alecia Crawford, 19th CMS
Senior Airman Stephen Gleason, 19th OSS
Senior Airman Jessica Gray, 19th CPTS
Senior Airman Jacob Hutchison, 19th EMS
Senior Airman Adam Larson, 19th AMXS
Senior Airman Christopher Parillo, 19th CES
Senior Airman Aarron Ramos, 19th OSS
Senior Airman Amy Ransier, 19th OSS
Senior Airman Patrick Zerbe, 19th EMS
Warren Brenneisen, 19th LRS
Mary Kelley, 19th CPTS
Cynthia Maddox, 19th AW
Monica Murray, 19th LRS
Jeffrey Vaughn, 19th Aerospace Medicine Squadron
Robert Wice, 19th LRS

Team recognition:

19th AW: Adverse Actions Team
Capt. Betty Dintelman
Master Sgt. Jennifer Breton
Staff Sgt. Sandra Ballard
Staff Sgt. Megan Stockinger
Senior Airman Jamie Palmiter
Nakeyshia Kelly

19th OSS: Aircrew Flight Equipment Continuation Training Team
Master Sgt. Leslie Tew
Diana Pratt

19th CS: Airfield Systems Maintenance Team
Tech. Sgt. John Hupp
Staff Sgt. Clifford Smith
Staff Sgt. Jason Smith
Staff Sgt. Douglas Stockinger
Senior Airman Monique Barnum
Senior Airman David Palmiter
Airman 1st Class Trevin Brecheisen
Airman 1st Class Jason Freeman
Airman 1st Class Michael Gonzales
Airman 1st Class Bryan Kelley
Airman 1st Class Zachary Knott
Airman 1st Class Jaye Marshall
Airman 1st Class Joel Rodriguez
Airman 1st Class Edward Sharp
Airman 1st Class Steven Lunte
Nicholas Coleman

19th AW: Command Post Team
Maj. Wesley Sweitzer
Tech. Sgt. Keith Davis
Tech. Sgt. Dennis Guidice, Jr.
Tech. Sgt. Brian O'Donoghue
Staff Sgt. Cornelius Jones
Staff Sgt. Karlie Madden
Staff Sgt. Megan Seppala
Staff Sgt. Angel Smith
Senior Airman Jimmie Johnson, III
Senior Airman Christopher Nunez
Airman 1st Class Jairo Borges
Airman 1st Class Barron Dietrich
Airman 1st Class Grace Henderson

19th CES: Compliance Inspection Preparation Team
Capt. Joshua Bass
2nd Lt. John Richwine
Master Sgt. Karl Mecca
Tech. Sgt. Duane Mosqueda
Staff Sgt. David Grose
Staff Sgt. Thomas Love
Staff Sgt. Patrick Vogel
Deeleen Farrier
Frank Jordan
Michael Williams

19th EMS: Composite Tool Kit Team
Staff Sgt. Joseph Kraska
Staff Sgt. Joshua Rankins
Staff Sgt. Franklin Reardon
Staff Sgt. Noe Rodriguez

19th CONS: Contracting Plans & Programs Flight
Michael Bittner
Gary Price
Brenda Tate
Jane Utley
Loretta Zimmer

19th CES: Emergency Management Team
1st Lt. Phillip Hinson
Senior Master Sgt. James Buehring
Tech. Sgt. Keith Hart
Tech. Sgt. Tethon Hunting
Staff Sgt. Nathaniel Leyba
Senior Airman Steven Barr, Jr.
Senior Airman Grant Coultas
Senior Airman Laura Lee
Senior Airman Amanda Patteson
Airman 1st Class Jesus Cortinas, Jr.
Airman 1st Class Michael Rowen
Airman 1st Class Willard Shepherd, Jr.
Airman 1st Class Parker Smith
Airman 1st Class Nathan Williams
James Smith
Anthony Fible, Sr.

19th EMS: Fabrication Training Team
Staff Sgt. Brian Iott
Staff Sgt. Earl Laliberte

19th FSS: Force Support Installation Personnel Readiness Team
Tech. Sgt. Carey Billig
Tech. Sgt. Sarah Hardison
Senior Airman Christopher Robinson II

19th FSS: FSS Readiness Team
Master Sgt. Mark Goodvine
Tech. Sgt. Anthony Hutton
Staff Sgt. Stefano Sandry

19th CES: Fire Protection Operations - Aircraft Egress
Tech. Sgt. Shane Tolison
Staff Sgt. Dean Gimm
Staff Sgt. Matthew Lutz
Staff Sgt. Daniel McMillion
Staff Sgt. Andrew Nickeson
Staff Sgt. Colin Pierce
Staff Sgt. Michael Troyer
Senior Airman Eric Bonnes
Senior Airman Adam McCarty
Senior Airman Joseph Murphy
Senior Airman Jacob Schmidt
Senior Airman Curtis Williams
Airman 1st Class Michael Brashear
Airman 1st Class Daniel O'Connor
Airman 1st Class Darby O'Grady
Airman 1st Class Zachary Sherman
Airman 1st Class Curtis Sinkfield II
Airman 1st Class Andrew Sloan
Airman Marcus Lamorie
Allen Perry II
William Powell

19th LRS: Fuels Preventative Team
Staff Sgt. Charles Hefner
Airman 1st Class Clinton Anderson
Airman 1st Class Pedro Esquivel, Jr.
Airman 1st Class Nathan Monka
Airman Justin Caughey

19th CES: Housing Management Team
Tech. Sgt. Christian Fridge
Senior Airman Christopher Horlick
Martin Bustos
Joanne Carlon
Janice Davis
Peggy Eason
John Hall
Edrick Tan Jan
David Whitener

19th AW: Information Protection Office Team
Master Sgt. Ronald Boston
Tech. Sgt. Christopher Warden
Tech. Sgt. Dudley Weeks
Pamela Bowman

19th AW: Installation Exercise Program Team
Maj. Tyler Frander
Maj. Chad Taylor
Maj. Andrew Janssen
Master Sgt. Brad Graffam
Master Sgt. Chad Ediger

19th AW: Intelligence Team
Maj. Preston Wallech, 19th Operations Group
Capt. Christopher Edmondson, 19th OG
Capt. David Martinez, 19th OG
Capt. Cara Jones, 34th Combat Training Squadron
Capt. KarlaKatrina Wayman, 19th OG
1st Lt. Jill Dvergsten, 19th OG
1st Lt. Joeli Field, 34th CTS
1st Lt. Linsey Fuchs, 19th OG
1st Lt. Dmitry Masharin, 19th OG
1st Lt. Ashley Parker, 19th OG
2nd Lt. Russell Baker, 34th CTS
2nd Lt. Amanda Hansen, 19th OG
2nd Lt. Aaron Peterson, 19th OG
Master Sgt. Kenneth Crain, 19th OG
Tech. Sgt. James Burnett, 19th OG
Tech. Sgt. David Gribble, 19th OG
Tech. Sgt. William Snyder, Jr., 34th CTS
Staff Sgt. Nicole Brown, 19th OG
Staff Sgt. Stephen Kolberg, 19th OG
Staff Sgt. Mayumi Wolfe, 19th OG
Senior Airman Laurie Chapoy, 19th OG
Senior Airman Christopher Robosky, 19th OG
Senior Airman Brittney Tanner, 19th OG
Airman 1st Class Quentin Ford, 19th OG
Airman 1st Class Joseph Foster, 19th OG
Airman 1st Class Mark Jordan, 19th OG
Airman 1st Class Shasta Sickinger, 19th OG

19th AW: Legal Assistance & Preventive Law Team
Capt. Ryan Tuner
Catherine Gastineau

19th Medical Group: Medical PRP Administrative Qualification Prgm Team
Lt. Col. Robert Grant, 19th AMDS
Lt. Col. Bruce Woodford, 19th Medical Operations Squadron
Capt. Donald Christman, 19th MDOS
Tech. Sgt. Elesha Granniss, 19th Medical Support Squadron
Tech. Sgt. Kelly Cason, 19th AMDS
Tech. Sgt. Tanya Miller, 19th MDOS
Staff Sgt. Shirley John, 19th MDSS
Staff Sgt. Pamela Leuschen, 19th MDOS
James Harrington, 19th MDSS

19th MDG: Moulage Team
Tech. Sgt. Christopher Hoar, 19th AMDS
Tech. Sgt. Carl Struble, 19th MDOS
Tech. Sgt. Rebecca Williams, 19th MDG

19th EMS: Munitions Team
Staff Sgt. Michael Smith
Senior Airman Bryan McAlhany
Senior Airman Cody Morris

19th CS: Personal Wireless Communication & Spectrum Management
Tech. Sgt. Jeremy Fassett
Staff Sgt. Kyle Fenimore
Senior Airman Luke Carnathan
Airman Dennis Fernandez, Jr.
Daniel Alford

19th CS: Plans Team
Master Sgt. Louis Illidge
Master Sgt. Arthur Kanneman III
Tech. Sgt. Brian Clements
Staff Sgt. Charles Hall
Rodney Fritz
Louis Pavlicek, Jr.

19th CES: Production Control Team
Tech. Sgt. Duane Mosqueda
Staff Sgt. Chad Suggs, Jr.
Airman 1st Class Dezarae Herring
Airman 1st Class Allen Roby, Jr.
Vickie Bednar
Luafaletele Duhon
Michael Minick
Jimmy Sinks
Hubert Wilcox

19th AW: Public Affairs
Capt. Joseph Knable
Master Sgt. Katherine Grabham
Tech. Sgt. Stephanie Boyd
Tech. Sgt. Juan Torres
Senior Airman Steele Britton
Staff Sgt. Chad Chisholm
Senior Airman Christine Clark
Senior Airman Ethan Morgan
Senior Airman Christopher Willis
Airman 1st Class Rochelle Clace
Christopher Hunkel
Timothy Johnsey
Cynthia Maddox
John Oldham
John Taylor

19th SFS: Security Forces Training Team
Master Sgt. Robert Ogden
Tech. Sgt. Shana Zapf
Staff Sgt. Carl Hook
Staff Sgt. James Rosh
Senior Airman Paul Krywinski

19th AW: Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Team
Linda Benjamin
Frank Cope

50th Airlift Squadron: Squadron Ground Safety Team
Capt. Shane Lee
1st Lt. Dwight Rabe
Tech. Sgt. Wendi Wallace
Airmen 1st Class Raina Creasy

19th CES: Unit Control Center Team
Senior Master Sgt. Willard Brewster
Senior Master Sgt. Randall Harms
Senior Master Sgt. Author Roy
Master Sgt. Karl Mecca
Tech. Sgt. Brain Perry
Airman 1st Class Dezarae Herring
Airman 1st Class Catherine Lott
Airman 1st Class Christopher Martin
Airman 1st Class Katie Nelson
Michael Duhon
Carl Freeney
Jimmy Sinks
Hubert Wilcox

19th CES: Unit Deployment Control Team
Tech. Sgt. Keith Hart
Senior Airman Steven Barr, Jr.
Mr. Anthony Fible, Sr.

19th AW: Wing Antiterrorism Team
Tech. Sgt. Carl Forbes
Robert Cecil

19th AW: Wing Ground Safety Team
Master Sgt. Thomas Johnson
Master Sgt. Donald Williams
Tech. Sgt. Christine McGinley
Tech. Sgt. Melissa Morris
Richard Myers
Joe Wooding